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The Chiropractic Associate Advantage

This post shares four reasons to hire a chiropractic associate, and the patient visit volume you should have to consider taking on an associate.
We also cover what can help speed training, where 80% of the time that associate hiring problems develop it’s because the clinic director is good with patients but not with training.

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Chiropractors Practicing Through the Pandemic Part 2

It seems that chiropractic is starting to boom again. We interviewed four chiropractic doctors from all across the U.S. about their findings practicing through the pandemic.

We’re finding that it’s a good time to attract new chiropractic patients. We’re finding also, that some regular, but at-risk patients are slowly coming back. See the best tips and ideas we received.

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Thank you chiropractors, essential workers

Chiropractors Practicing Through the Pandemic Part 1

This chiropractor’s practice is down a bit, but the doctor has had no layoffs, and is now seeing his business showing signs of coming back to previous levels.
Read more to see that passing through the pandemic has involved:
-Repurposing plastic gas pump mittens
-Wondering if being too safe can bring lawsuits
-Suggesting that open concept chiropractic offices may become a thing of the past

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