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How PulStar can Help Sciatica

How PulStar Can Help Sciatica

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Those with sciatica know how debilitating the condition can be. Starting in the lower back and radiating down the leg, the pain associated with sciatica is shooting and can even be accompanied by numbness and weakness. While sciatica typically only affects one side of the body, it can impact both on occasion. It’s a condition that can seriously lower quality of life.

Because the majority of sciatica cases are caused by disc herniation and the related pressure on the lumbar or sacral nerves, treatment via adjustment is a viable option. This is especially true and effective with the precision manipulation facilitated by PulStar’s comprehensive suite of visualized adjustment instruments.

Cutting-edge technology like PulStar aids in the treatment of sciatica and leads to more positive outcomes for those suffering from the condition. Thanks to these new methods of addressing the symptoms and root causes of sciatica, more doctors of chiropractic are able to offer successful treatment than ever before.

How exactly do PulStar’s revolutionary chiropractic tools assist your doctor of chiropractic in the treatment of sciatica? We’re glad you asked—read on for your guide to treating sciatica with PulStar.

What Makes PulStar the Best Instrument Adjustment Tool?

People place their trust in the hands of the doctor of chiropractic. Whether it is addressing chronic pain or enabling recovery from an injury, doctors of chiropractic excel in giving patients a chance at a healthier, pain-free life. For decades, they have relied on their expertise and their own bodies to manually adjust patients and alleviate pain.

The advent of chiropractic tools, particularly visualized instrument adjusting and multiple impulse therapy (MIT), has helped elevate the services offered by chiropractors to new heights of effectiveness. It allows for the accurate application of precise levels of force exactly where it is needed. This not only aids the patient by more efficiently targeting areas in need of treatment, but also protects the doctor of chiropractic by reducing the stress placed on their body over the course of a career.

PulStar’s comprehensive suite of visualized adjustment instruments also gives an internal view of the spine, giving the chiropractor a more detailed picture of the patient’s health and how to best treat the present problems. This, combined with this amazing precision of MIT, sets both the doctor of chiropractic and their patients up for success.

Using PulStar to Treat Sciatica

Because sciatica is almost always caused by issues in the lower back, specifically disc herniation, professional adjustment of the area can provide relief and even expedite healing. By using the PulStar suite of chiropractic adjustment tools to target the exact areas of concern and receive instant feedback on the success of the treatment, these positive outcomes are even more attainable.

It is vital to provide precise force with pinpoint accuracy when treating sciatica—two things that PulStar is designed to do in a simple, easy to repeat manner. Using the multiple adjustment heads to deliver MIT to the right areas of the spine gives the doctor of chiropractic the ability to execute standard treatment efficiently, then adjust as necessary to optimize the outcome.

Integral to this process of addressing sciatic pain is the PulStar visualization software. Working in harmony with the adjustment tools, PulStar’s visualization software gives you an accurate view of spinal health both before and after treatment. This means instant analysis of a treatment’s effectiveness, patient improvement, and the best path forward for further healing.

The advantages of using PulStar to treat sciatica do not stop there. Thanks to its pinpoint accuracy and surprising gentleness, the patient experience is far more comfortable and enjoyable with PulStar. The visualized instrument adjusting approach all but eliminates the need for twisting and manual manipulation, thereby making patient experiences more pleasant while still providing uncompromising adjustment and superior results.

If you are a doctor of chiropractic looking to take your practice to the next level and offer your patients superior treatment methods, PulStar’s comprehensive suite of visualized adjustment instruments is the best way to do so. If you are a patient suffering from sciatica and seeking relief, be sure to find a doctor of chiropractic that has invested in the most cutting-edge adjusting tools on the market—PulStar. The results are well worth the search.

For more information about PulStar and how it is revolutionizing the chiropractic world, including the treatment of sciatica, feel free to reach out. With our team of knowledgeable experts, your questions, concerns, and curiosities are sure to be satiated with valuable insights and in-depth information, so contact us today.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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