The PulStar: Computer-Precision
Multiple Impulse Therapy

Clinically-proven, pain-free analysis and treatment of chronic back pain;
and, gentle but precise treatment of pain in soft tissue, neck and extremities.

The PulStar® G3 Vision Suites

Doctor and patient can see the effects of the treatment on screen. Patients have fewer visits to feeling better. And, improved patient satisfaction generates word-of-mouth referrals.

Why The PulStar?

Reduces strain on the doctor, supporting more years of comfortable and productive practice.

The most, and most recent clinical research of any computer-assisted chiropractic instrument.

Patented and FDA-cleared, The PulStar is the first computer-assisted instrument to be part of Palmer College's Techniques curriculum.

Chiropractic Resources

Check out the latest pro-tip posts, guides, and clinical research from The PulStar team.

What The PulStar Doctors Are Saying

Hear how other Chiropractors delivered evidence-based chiropractic, and prolonged their careers with The PulStar.

"Thanks to The PulStar 90% of my practice is now instrument, and it has greatly reduced the physical and mental stress of practice.
Steve Walton DC
Maui, HI
"I'm so thankful that I can still serve the public chiropractically at a mature age (72 years young)..."
Margery Hinebaugh DC
"The patient and the doctor can see the adjustment in real time on the screen..."
James Maggio
James Maggio DC

Our patented technologies are specifically designed to help your "healing hands."