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See six how-it-works-demo videos in under 13-minutes

Doctor and patient can see the effects of the treatment on screen. Patients have fewer visits to feeling better. And, improved patient satisfaction generates word-of-mouth referrals.

VIDEO 1: PulStar spine adjust prone
How to perform precise analysis, spine adjustment and post analysis with the PulStar—3:44 minutes. (If you watch nothing else view this video.)

VIDEO 2: PulStar shoulder/soft tissue adjustment
How to use the PulStar to treat soft tissue in the shoulder—2:12 minutes

VIDEO 3: PulStar for tension headache treatment due to upper cervical tightness
How to use the PulStar to treat headaches resulting from muscle spasms in the upper cervical area—2:07minutes

VIDEO 4:  PulStar for Plantar Fasciitis
How to use the PulStar to treat Plantar Fasciitis—1:24 minutes

VIDEO 5: Muscle relaxation with the PulStar
How to use the PulStar for massage therapy —2:15 minutes

VIDEO 6: Cleaning the PulStar between patients
How to simply and effectively clean the PulStar tips between patients—1:10 minutes

The PulStar enables clinically-proven, pain-free analysis and treatment of chronic back pain; and, gentle but precise treatment of pain in soft tissue, neck and extremities.

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