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More than 30 years of “helping healing hands.”

Our History

Date Action
1980s An Idaho chiropractor was using a dental instrument as a “Precision Spinal Adjustor” for his patients. He sent it to engineers to design it to become a more reliable instrument.
1987 Dr. Joseph Evans, inventor of the PulStar system, designed the Model -115 Precision Adjustor, which was presented at the 1987 at the Las Vegas Conference of the ACA/ICA, and Dr. Walter Vernon Pierce joined the team in a marketing capacity because he believed it was a vital tool for the chiropractic world.
June, 1989 Sense Technology (formerly Kinetic Technology) is incorporated
1993 The first PulStar computerized analysis & multiple impulse adjusting technology system is released. Referred to as the FRAS or PulStarFRAS (Force Recording & Analysis System).
1995 Development of PulStar front desk and screening software
January, 2002 Dr. Joseph Evans publishes infant colic study
February, 2002 Dr. Joseph Evans publishes “The minimum energy hypothesis: a unified model of fixation resolution.”
2003 Christian Evans, current Sense Technology President, returns to Sense Technology – PulStar
October, 2003 Dr. Joseph Evans publishes “PulStar differential compliance spinal instrument: a randomized interexaminer and intraexaminer reliability study.”
January, 2006 Dr. Joseph Evans publishes “Pilot study of patient response to multiple impulse therapy for musculoskeletal complaints.”
2006 Integrated patient treatment positional system is introduced.
2007 Kinetic Technology merges with Sense Technology, Inc.
2009 PulStar Ergonomic Head is introduced as new therapy/analysis treatment tool.
2016 Dr. Joseph Evans publishes “On The Origin of Atraumatic Neuromusculoskeletal Pain” describing a new theory on the cause of Atraumatic Pain.
2017 Introduction of an improved impulse head with better efficiency.
2019 The European Space Agency in collaboration with the Balgrist University Hospital publish research using the PulStar to Measure Spinal Stiffness in the European Spine Journal.
2020 Dr. Evans receives his 8th patent for an apparatus for inphase treatment of Atraumatic Musculoskeletal Pain using light and vibration therapy combined.

About Us

“Praise the lord, there is no pain!” said the patient. The year was 1987, and chiropractor Dr. Walter Vernon Pierce had invited Dr. Joseph Evans, PhD, and his team to come demonstrate his new product, the Model -115 Precision Adjustor, on a patient. The patient, a minister by profession, was barely able to walk from the unbearable pain originating in the cervical spine and the sacrum, and after just one round of gentle impulses applied to the areas from Dr. Evans’ multiple impulse therapy device, the patient was delighted to find himself walking around the room pain-free. Two things happened on that day: the patient referred his entire congregation to Dr. Pierce, and Dr. Pierce signed on to help Dr. Evans get the word about his Precision Adjustor out to the entire chiropractic world.

“Without his help, we couldn’t have gotten started,” says Dr. Evans, founder of Sense Technology, Inc. (formerly Kinetic Technology) and developer of the PulStar line of chiropractic tools. Dr. Evans went on to found Sense Technology in 1989 with one goal in mind— to provide “help for healing hands” and invent products that would completely revolutionize the chiropractic industry.

It all began with the Precision Adjustor that Dr. Evans used on Dr. Pierce’s patient in 1987. At it’s core, the Precision Adjustor was a multiple impulse therapy tool, meaning it was designed to send targeted, precise amounts of pressure into the trouble areas of a patients spine, essentially emulating what chiropractors do with their hands— without the stress and strain for chiropractor or the popping and cracking for the patient.

Dr. Evans continued to develop the Precision Adjustor until 1993, when he released the first PulStar system, which took the Precision Adjustor to an unparalleled level of advancement, while also placing the PulStar on the map at the top of the multiple impulse therapy industry. The PulStar was so revolutionary because it computerized the existing technology of the Precision Adjustor, giving doctors the ability to use the product in an analysis mode to see exactly where treatment should be applied and show their patients the results in real time.

Thanks to a dedicated team of researchers and developers led by Dr. Evans, The PulStar G3 Vision Suites of today have come a long way from that original model in 1993. The impulse therapy analysis/ treatment tool has become nearly effortless to operate, offers customizable settings for individual patients and has multiple attachments to achieve various chiropractic methods. The sophisticated PulStar software provides accurate analyses that are easily understood by both doctor and patient, allowing patients to see evidence of their own improvement. Patient viewing screens, integrated patient treatment stands and system portability are examples of some of the incredible features offered with the PulStar suites of today.

After more than 30 years of providing “help for healing hands,” there are certain factors that remain constant. Sense Technology is ahead of the curve in the development of chiropractic tools. It is constantly innovating using scientific research, which lends predictability and provable results to the PulStar system. And Sense Technology employees are every bit as dedicated to the products and the company as ever. “What we do is exciting because it affects so many lives,” says Dr. Evans. “With the PulStar instrument, we’ve been able to treat and get hundreds of thousands of people out of pain quickly. That, to us, is a remarkable achievement.”

Our Team

Dr. Joseph Evans, Sense Technology Founder and CEO

Dr. Evans returned from Vietnam in 1967 and decided to finish his PhD thesis at CMU. He spent three years evaluating and developing a heart assist device for his thesis project before graduating with a PhD in Civil and Bio-Technology. Westinghouse received a contract to further develop the heart assist device, so Dr. Evans went on the work for the company, eventually as the head of the Bio Systems Instrumentations Group. After five years at Westinghouse, Dr. Evans invented and patented a coke oven sealant that was sold to companies in the steel industry. He spent many years in that role, but was looking for the opportunity to get back into developing products for the medical field. When he was given the chance to review the design of a chiropractic adjustment tool in the early 80s, he jumped on the opportunity with enthusiasm. From that time on, Dr. Evans has been dedicated to research and product development for the chiropractic industry, and his PulStar products are now used by thousands of chiropractors worldwide.

Christian Evans, Sense Technology President

Christian Evans began working for his family’s business, Sense Technology, in 1993. He was a Systems Analyst for the company at that time, and in that capacity he assisted with much of the computer programming and software engineering for the PulStar systems. He left Sense Technology in 1997 to study Philosophy at Goucher College in Maryland, while also working as a consulting analyst at an IT firm in Turtle Creek called Innovative Decisions, Inc. Christian returned to Sense Technology in 2003 at first as a software developer and later as the President of the company. Today, Christian is responsible for the operations of Sense Technology, managing company systems, planning, administration and customer support.

What The PulStar Doctors Are Saying

Hear how other Chiropractors delivered evidence-based chiropractic, and prolonged their careers with The PulStar.

"Thanks to The PulStar 90% of my practice is now instrument, and it has greatly reduced the physical and mental stress of practice.
Steve Walton DC
Maui, HI
"I'm so thankful that I can still serve the public chiropractically at a mature age (72 years young)..."
Margery Hinebaugh DC
"The patient and the doctor can see the adjustment in real time on the screen..."
James Maggio
James Maggio DC

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