Multiple Impulse Therapy Chiropractic Research

Today’s patients want evidence-based chiropractic.

Get a research bundle that proves you practice evidence-based chiropractic

Since its inception in 1989, the PulStar has been integral in contributions to Multiple Impulse Therapy, the study of the spine and chiropractic practices as a whole. It has been used by a NASA affiliate to study spinal stiffness on astronauts in space, by independent researcher to study the causes of infantile colic, and it is now being used in Palmer College of Chiropractic’s new techniques course—to help train the next generation of chiropractors and researchers.

Many patients want to see this sort of evidence from their chiropractors before committing to treatment. Take a look at the PulStar’s portfolio of scientific and clinical studies to get a sense of how to build a data set that will help achieve patient buy-in. 

This research bundle contains:

  • A patient hand-out that proves you practice evidence-based chiropractic.
  • 23 Evidence-based clinical studies that support you!
  • Recent Core Studies
  • Dr. Evans, PulStar Founder’s Contributions to Chiropractic
  • Third-Party Research Requiring Precise Technology
  • The Effectiveness of Multiple Impulse Therapy

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