An Innovative System for Elevated Treatments:
The PulStar Difference

PulStar provides the most trusted visualized analysis and instrument adjustment system for practitioners seeking flexible, innovative advantages and elevated patient experiences.

The PulStar Advantage -- Cutting-Edge Features Fitting for Every Clinic

Full Spine Display for Enhanced Analysis & Improved Patient Comprehension

PulStar is the only computerized instrument adjustment system that shows you and your patients the full spine displayed on the screen.  No switching views, no important vertebra lost in translation–never miss crucial details (or the opportunity to help your patient better understand your analysis).

Unmatched Patient Education Opportunities

Engage your patients with easy-to-understand analysis alongside data-proven progress comparisons from before and after treatment and adjustment.  Featuring comprehensive, intuitive graphics designed to offer patients insight, PulStar offers a simple, effective way to communicate pain, treatments, and analytics with patients.

Quiet, Comfortable, Pain-Free

Your patients seek results–but their experience matters, too.  The PulStar system was designed with optimal patient experience in mind, that’s why we crafted a quiet, comfortable instrument that’s pain-free.  Our 65-decibel PulStar ensures your communication with patients is never strained or interrupted while our flexible and customizable impulse options guarantee pain-free treatment that gleans helpful analytics and provides promising results.

Affordably Invest in Your Practice

Most computer-assisted adjustment instruments on the market can cost as much (if not more) than a new car.  At PulStar, our goal is to help Doctors of Chiropractic and patients alike better understand the value of visualization.  That’s why we’ve made the effort to ensure we provide packages and options that fit into almost any practice’s unique budget.

A Comprehensive System for All Tissue

Provide your patients with holistic care with PulStar’s uniquely designed system created to cater to both skeletal and soft tissues.  Invest in a system that offers complete care in a single tool.  Enhance your patients’ experiences with a comprehensive system that provides dual treatment, reduces the need for movement during treatment and procedures, lowers costs, and increases visit efficiency all at once.

All-Inclusive Lifetime Maintenance Programs

At PulStar, we know your choice to invest in visualization is just that–an investment.  That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you protect that investment for longevity and years to come.  We proudly offer our customers all-inclusive options for lifetime maintenance programs to help ensure the health and wellness of your innovative system.

How We Stack Up Against the Competition

It's no secret we're not the only computer-assisted adjustment system on the market. But like most tools, not every adjustment system is created equally

PulStar ProAdjuster
Neuromechanical Innovations
Activator V
Instrument Adjustors / Visual Analysis Both Both Visual Analysis Only Adjustor Only Adjustor Only Adjustor Only
Provides measurement of adjustment response X X
Full Spine Display X X N/A N/A N/A
Easy to Understand Measurement Display X N/A N/A N/A
Sound Level less than 65 dB X N/A X X
Includes Networkable - Cross Platform Database X X N/A N/A N/A
Displays Last Visit Patient Analysis X X N/A N/A N/A
Low, Controllable Preload and Analysis Settings X N/A X X X
Demonstrated Peer Reviewed Examiner Repeatability N/A N/A N/A
Graphic and Analytical Pre and Post Analysis N/A N/A N/A
3 Modes of Multiple Impulse Therapy (Myofascial, Osseous, Point) X N/A X X X
Up to 90 Impulses per Second X N/A X X X
Prone, Sitting and Standing Positions X N/A X X X
Extend Your Career N/A X X X
Control From the Impulse Head X N/A
Pre-set Force Settings for Each Vertebra X N/A X X X
Customized, programmed force settings at the patient level X N/A X X X
Advanced Protocols N/A X X X
Adjusting in Motion N/A X X X
Portable System X N/A
Speech enabled X X X X
Marketing Program X X
Printable Patient Report X N/A N/A N/A
iPad companion program for front desk X X N/A X X

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Perfecting Patient Care,
Enhancing Patient Experience:
How PulStar Benefits Your Practice

It's no secret we're not the only computer-assisted adjustment system on the market. But like most tools, not every adjustment system is created equally

Improved Analysis Results
Superior Patient Experience
Unmatched Features to Meet the Needs of All Patients
Elevated Credibility & Improved Reliability
Unmatched Ease and Simplicity
Unrivaled Patient Retention & Referral

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