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How PulStar Can Help Neck Pain

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Neck pain is a common condition among chiropractic patients. Like back pain, it can have a devastating impact on their quality of life, ability to enjoy their interests, and overall physical comfort. However, many patients experience hesitancy when it comes to treating neck pain.

The neck is a delicate area, and patients are aware of that fact. Because of this delicate nature and the fear that accompanies pain in this area, people with neck pain are often hesitant to seek or accept treatment. They worry that opting for adjustment could make things worse or even make a temporary situation more permanent.

One of the predominant concerns of neck pain suffers is that therapy, including chiropractic adjustment, can be too rough. This creates a dilemma for a doctor of chiropractic. How can you convince people with neck pain to accept treatment and ensure that treatment is both gentle and effective?

The answer to both questions is PulStar.

Thanks to the tremendous benefits provided by PulStar’s comprehensive visualized instrument adjusting suite, neck pain patients can receive the treatment and relief they need without having to endure scary manual adjustments or even hearing the audible “crack” of release.

What Makes PulStar Special

Manual adjustment is a staple in the chiropractic world, and for good reason. It is effective, proven, and remains an important skill with which every doctor of chiropractic should develop expertise. However, instrument adjusting has revolutionized the precision with which treatment can be executed, benefitting doctors and patients alike.

Not only does PulStar give chiropractors the ability to exert precise force with pinpoint accuracy, thereby increasing the effectiveness of their treatment, but it also reduces the wear and tear on their bodies. Over the course of a career, this reduced reliance on manual adjusting can extend the time a doctor of chiropractic can spend helping patients.

The visualization software included in PulStar’s comprehensive suite of chiropractic tools is another fantastic addition to any chiropractic office. Several of the features are incredibly valuable, including the ability to analyze and see the spine, locate areas of concern, and receive immediate feedback on the effectiveness of treatment.

These advantages, along with a number of others, make PulStar and the multiple impulse therapy (MIT) it facilitates invaluable additions to a doctor of chiropractic’s repertoire.

Treating Neck Pain with PulStar

The visualization software that PulStar provides shows exactly which regions of the spine need to be addressed. This is essential in properly diagnosing and treating neck pain, as it gives precise insight into the problem areas.

Once the problem areas have been identified, PulStar’s adjustment instruments can deliver precise levels of force at exact frequencies to treat them. By utilizing the right settings with the correct adjustment tips, your doctor of chiropractic can provide treatment and relief without audible release or significant neck manipulation.

The ability to gently treat a delicate area means higher levels of patient comfort both physically and emotionally. Practically, this means more effective treatment can be administered without the patient growing nervous or worrying as they might with manual adjustment. No cracking or popping involved!

More specifically, your doctor of chiropractic can use PulStar’s Point Mode, which sweeps from low frequency to high and back, to target the muscles on either side of the neck. There are four spots on each side of the neck that should be treated using this technique. This helps address muscular tightness and release the neck, providing pain relief and increased mobility.

As a doctor of chiropractic, marketing the gentle and effective treatment you can provide neck pain patients can work wonders for your business. Cutting-edge technology and techniques are always marketable, especially when the benefits they provide are instantly noticeable. Patients will appreciate these services and are likely to opt for your practice over a competitor who does not invest in new tools, technology and treatments.

The advantages of using PulStar to treat neck pain are significant for both doctor and patient. If you are looking for the best way to treat neck pain as a doctor of chiropractic or seeking relief for your condition as a patient, PulStar is the answer. With gentler treatment and superior outcomes to alternative methods, PulStar’s reputation as the best-visualized adjustment tool in the chiropractic world is earned and well deserved.

If you have questions about PulStar and how it can be used to treat neck pain, do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced team of experts. From general questions to highly technical inquiries, our team will gladly give you in-depth insights and provide any answers you seek.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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