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How PulStar Can Help Joint Pain

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Those who suffer from joint pain know that the discomfort is only a fraction of what makes the condition so negatively impactful. It is a small part of how joint pain reduces quality of life, prevents you from enjoying things you love, and can be debilitating overall.

If you suffer from joint pain, you have probably tried it all. Whether it’s a chronic condition or an injury you are striving to recover from, the temporary reprieve created by pain medication can only provide so much relief, especially in the long term. It’s far better to seek a sustainable solution that provides both pain reduction and healing.

That’s where a doctor of chiropractic can be a game-changer for those with joint paint. Known primarily for their work on backs and issues related to the spine, chiropractors are far more versatile than many realize. In fact, your doctor of chiropractic has the training and expertise to treat a variety of joint pains and their underlying causes, making them adept at helping you not only feel better but also get better.

This has never been more true than right now thanks to the tremendous innovations that have revolutionized the chiropractic profession. Foremost among these innovations is visualized instrument adjusting. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary technology and how it can assist you in kicking that pesky joint pain to the curb.

The PulStar Advantage

Often, people associate chiropractors with manual adjustment. This technique involves the doctor of chiropractic leveraging their body and limbs to manipulate the patient and correct musculoskeletal issues. It is a proven method that is still heavily used.

While effective, especially when performed by an experienced doctor of chiropractic, manual adjusting is hard on a chiropractor’s body, often leading to shortened careers. In addition, even the most skilled chiropractor can struggle to deliver the same level of accuracy and precision as a visualized adjustment instrument can over and over again.

Simply put, PulStar is the most comprehensive chiropractic tool suite in existence. It provides chiropractors with the instruments they need to apply specific levels of force to even the most minute areas.

Known as multiple impulse therapy (MIT), PulStar’s instruments use gentle impulses with the help of a computer. This ensures accuracy and precision that simply cannot be delivered via manual adjusting. PulStar’s impressive chiropractic instruments can even be used throughout a range of motion—an essential feature for properly treating joint pain.

Using PulStar to Treat Joint Pain

Because joints are complex, mobile points of the body, they can present challenges for even modern medicine. A doctor of chiropractic using PulStar instruments has an advantage in this regard because PulStar facilitates treatment throughout a range of motion. This allows for a more comprehensive musculoskeletal treatment of joint pain.

Using PulStar’s precision tips, your doctor of chiropractic can deliver gentle adjustments to the affected area. This provides significant relief and can contribute to long-term improvement. It is often done in addition to a preexisting joint pain regimen, providing effective treatment that complements the steps you are already taking to heal.

If you have experienced joint pain, you know the profound effect it often has on other areas of the body. The aches and pains that develop as a result of your joint pain and subsequent compensation can be just as frustrating and debilitating as the original area of concern. PulStar not only treats the source of this problem—the joint in question—but also helps address new areas of pain and misalignment.

PulStar is the premier chiropractic adjustment tool on the market thanks to its tremendous versatility, comprehensive approach to multiple impulse therapy, and impressive suite of features that facilitate not only effective treatment but also improved outcomes for both doctor and patient.

If you would like to learn more about the impressive visualized adjusting instruments offered by PulStar, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team of experts is happy to answer your questions and guide you through the many advantages that differentiate PulStar from other chiropractic tools.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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