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How PulStar Can Help Muscle Spasms

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Extremely common yet unpredictable, muscle spasms are an unpleasant sensation that can affect anyone. While some people are more predisposed to experiencing muscle spasms—also known as muscle cramps and Charlie horses—it is hard to predict who, when, and why they will strike.

Sometimes, these spasms are simply uncomfortable, inconvenient twitches. Other times, however, they can be severe, causing pain and significant discomfort. There are a handful of factors that may trigger muscle spasms, as well as certain treatments that can help reduce their impact.

One of the most effective ways to alleviate muscle cramps is massage, especially via soft tissue manipulation. For this reason, many people turn to their doctor of chiropractic for treatment and relief. In turn, these doctors of chiropractic use PulStar to provide the most maximally efficient therapy to those with muscle spasms.

Read on for more about muscle spasms and how PulStar is the best way to combat them!

What Causes Muscle Spasms?

Research has yet to pinpoint exactly what causes muscle cramps or why some people seem to be more susceptible to them. There are, however, several factors that correlate with the occurrence of muscle spasms, including the following.

  • Dehydration and Lack of Electrolytes
  • High-Intensity Exercise
  • Muscular Fatigue and/or Tightness
  • Restricted Blood Flow
  • Stress

While this is not a complete list of the potential muscle cramp triggers, it provides a pretty comprehensive picture of the types of conditions in which muscle spasms tend to manifest. It also provides a foundation for improving your possible risk factors and reducing muscle cramps.

Using PulStar to Treat Muscle Cramps

There are a number of ways to treat muscle spasms and work toward reducing their frequency, including stretching, improving your overall fitness level, and hydrating properly. In addition to these lifestyle changes, massages can work wonders for those who suffer from muscle cramps.

An extension of massage is chiropractic adjustment—a far more lasting and meaningful way of providing muscle cramp relief and prevention. Manual adjustment—the traditional method that involves the doctor of chiropractic using their own body and limbs to manipulate their patients—is proven and highly effective. Instrument adjusting builds on this to provide even more potent treatment.

PulStar is the crème de la crème of instrument adjusting tools thanks to its comprehensive suite of products ranging from visualization technology to the cutting-edge chiropractic instruments themselves. Thanks to the versatility provided by the PulStar, your doctor of chiropractic can tailor their approach to your unique needs.

With the PulStar, precise levels of force and frequency can be delivered in an incredibly accurate manner, allowing your doctor of chiropractic to target areas of concern in the most effective manner possible. This is especially true when considering the versatility of not just the PulStar’s numerous modes but also its various attachment tips.

For muscle spasms, the soft tissue option is the go-to attachment and the corresponding mode your doctor of chiropractic will use to work on the muscle that is causing the cramp. Designed specifically to adjust the soft tissue that can cause muscle spasms—as well as other muscular issues—the PulStar soft tissue attachment and point mode preset deliver the perfect amount of force and frequency to the right area, helping your chiropractor give you the treatment you need.

The secret is PulStar’s stellar multiple impulse therapy (MIT) technology, which applies gentle impulses to the exact area of misalignment. When combined with the advanced computer assistance, the chiropractic tools can deliver gentle, precision treatment to benefit patients with unbelievable efficiency.

For more information about PulStar, including how it can be used to effectively treat soft tissue and reduce muscle spasms, feel free to reach out. Our team of experienced professionals will gladly answer your questions, walk you through the many advantages of PulStar’s comprehensive product suite, and demonstrate how PulStar is right for you and your practice.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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