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The New PulStar App: What This Means For Software Users

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Moving from the software model to an app also means that we will be moving from a flat rate to a monthly subscription model of $49.99/month or 499.99/year. So what does this mean for you? A software subscription means that you will now be able to get the PulStar with lower upfront costs and be confident that you will always have the most up-to-date features to help you provide only the best patient care. This is a more budget-friendly option for many doctors who prefer opting into a subscription model rather than fronting the burden of a large one-time cost.

With that being said, here are some of the new features you will get to experience with the new PulStar app.

What You Can Expect From the PulStar App

Receiving feedback from Doctors was essential in the success of the launch of the new PulStar app and we are excited for you to experience these features in your practice. Here is what you can expect with the new app:

  • Advanced preferences:  The new app includes a variety of new settings and customization options including voice preferences, display colors, text size, clinic information, and customization for printouts, PDFs and emails.
  • PulStar access from anywhere: With SaaS products, you can access patient information from wherever as long as you have an internet connection and access to the PulStar app. This is perfect for house calls or on-the-go patient calls. You can also load the PulStar App on multiple computers for the same 1 low monthly fee.
  • Ipad compatible: Use an iPad to add new patients or access previous visit information to print or email.  You can download the iPad companion app here.
  • Improved graphics: Our app features the highest quality graphics allowing you the clearest view of the patient’s issues.  We take full advantage of the High Definition and Retina displays available today.
  • Full spinal view & combined segments: Jump through segments seamlessly. We’ve combined the full and segmental screen into one section. Once a session begins, you don’t have to press the button to move to the next spinal region so you can continue the analysis through the full spine.  But if you need to get to a specific segment of the spine to re-analyze, you still have that option. You even have the option of skipping vertebrae in the analysis section!
  • Enhanced Patient Views: Once the visit is complete, a review is populated, and you have the option to compare any previous visits with the current pre and post-visit to visualize the change over multiple visits or even from their first visit at your office.
  • Enhanced Patient Education: Print the review featuring the selected previous visit and current pre and post-visit for the patient. You can also email it the visit and previous visit record to the patient via a HIPPA-compliant, secure email system.
  • Added ways to share the visits: Options to print not only today’s visit but a range of visits. Or save those visits to a PDF to add to your notes or send along to the patient’s Primary Care Provider for documentation.
  • Full compatibility with Intel and the new Apple M1 Processor:  Get all the speed and innovation Apple has to offer through their new state-of-the-art M1 processor chip.  Having the app on the app store means it’s easy for our team to continue to innovate along side Apple’s brilliant team so your software is always taking full advantage of the best hardware on the market. And you get the latest version as soon as it’s updated in the Apple App Store.

See what our early adopters have to say about the new app

First and Foremost I have to say thank you for the new app.  At first I was reluctant to change my software and pay another fee?, after all I have been using the Pulstar for approximately 5 years and loving it.  Why change now?

The app is so much faster and efficient overall it saves me so much time.  I have only been using it for 2 days now, but I am starting to love it too, even more than the old software.  I am learning how to use it better.  

Also I must say the “new” Pulstar (software) is working incredibly better than before.  The results I saw before were incredible and amazing, now I’m starting to see even more improvement and faster healing of my patients.  Their muscles are improving much more than before.  The adjustments seem to work better.

I usually adjust my patient sitting, for stability and prone adjusting was more challenging to get amazing results like sitting up.  I noticed that my new Pulstar was working so well, even laying prone now was more effective than ever before.  Patients are reacting more to the adjustments now, getting better faster.  Their post scans are so much better now.  

In fact the local decrease in stiffness reading – I usually only see an improvement of about 14% less stiffness.  Yesterday I received a local stiffness reduction of 39%, the highest decrease of muscle tightness that I have seen.  Now I fully expect to see even more results from my Pulstar as time goes on.  

Thank you again for the upgrade/improvment changes overall everything you are doing with the Pulstar.  I have to add, I am also thankful for your upbeat, friendly attitude every time that I call.

Thank you very much, 

Dr. Chaudhry DC, DABCT

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you during this transition and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.

Over time won’t the subscription cost more than the previous flat rate fee?

This is a great question. With the subscription, you’ll be able to run the software on several computers for less than the flat rate price to upgrade all of the PulStar computers in your office.  You’ll also receive maintenance and feature updates as they happen. You can help make the PulStar even better as we continue to develop new features and enhancements. 

How much does the subscription cost?

The new subscription will cost a low monthly fee of $49.99 per month or save $100.00 by purchasing an annual subscription of 499.99!

When will the app become available?

The app is available for download on the Apple store. Download the PulStar App Today.

If I have already purchased the software do I still need to purchase the subscription?

Even if you have recently purchased your new PulStar system with the Differential Compliance software pre-installed, this upgrade will take your system to a new level of ease of use and patient education.  The current Differential Compliance software will no longer receive updates after the next major macOS update. So, if you choose not to update to the new app based version, your software may eventually become incompatible with future macOS versions. However, updating today is not a requirement.

Can I access the patient files I have?

You can import the patient information you already have, including their custom force levels and settings.  You will not be able to import the previous visit data.  We recommend keeping the current Differential Compliance Software installed, in case you need to access older visits.

In Conclusion…

The PulStar instruments add the power of computer-precision, multiple impulse therapy to your healing hands. You and your patient will be able to clearly see the areas of spinal stiffness and then see the effects of the PulStar adjustment.  Now with the introduction of the PulStar app, experience enhanced patient care, mobility, and visualized instrument adjusting like never before.

Download the PulStar App Today and begin your monthly subscription of $49.99/month or $499.99/year.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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