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Pulstar G3 Full Suite vs. MyoVision's Scanvision SEMG

MyoVision Versus PulStar

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Which visualization technology is best for your chiropractic practice?

The future of chiropractic is here in the form of visualization technology and instrument adjusting. These innovations are revolutionizing the world of chiropractic in real-time, giving Doctors of Chiropractic the resources they need to elevate their craft and services to levels never before attainable.

With great innovation, however, comes stiff competition. As these technologies gain popularity and become more readily available, the market grows more saturated by competing variations built on the same concept. This creates a challenge: How do you navigate the waters of marketing to discern what is best for your chiropractic practice and invest your hard-earned resources correctly?

The short answer is this: You pour your energy into thoroughly researching each option before reaching a decision. The problem with this strategy is obvious, though; it demands your valuable time. Instead of potentially wasting your efforts researching options that were never a good fit for your practice, it is better to eliminate those that fall short before you invest time into researching them.

To help you on your journey, we have created a succinct comparison between two competitors you are sure to encounter—MyoVision and PulStar. Below, you will find a quick guide to these options, as well as an explanation of where they may excel, fall short, or match each other.

Shared Features

There is no question that both MyoVision and PulStar shine in a common area. These brands are both premier options when it comes to visualization technology. This is obviously an advantage and selling point on which MyoVision and PulStar try to capitalize, and for good reason.

Visualization is an invaluable resource in modern chiropractic. In essence, it allows you, as a Doctor of Chiropractic, to see the state of your client’s spine, including stress ratings that indicate the health of each particular area.

MyoVision and PulStar are on the leading edge of this technology, offering versatile visualization technology that continues to push the envelope of what is possible in the chiropractic field. Both allow you to ascertain the state of the spine in various positions, assign stress scores to each specific region, and give you the insight you need to provide exceptional adjusting in a more accurate, informed way than ever before.

Where PulStar Shines

Visualization technology is undeniably potent on its own. It can elevate the services you offer to clients and give you the edge you need to enhance your proficiency and skillset. However, it can be made even more powerful through the addition of chiropractic adjustment instruments.

This is where PulStar outshines the competition. It offers a truly comprehensive package that can single-handedly usher in a new era of chiropractic excellence to your practice. What makes the combination of visualization technology and instrument adjusting—commonly called visualized instrument adjusting—so special?

We are glad you asked. While visualization technology does grant you an invaluable look into the inner workings and health state of your clients, that detailed information cannot be fully utilized without adjustment instruments. Certain advantages, such as comprehensive patient histories, can be enjoyed, but when it comes to the actual act of adjustment, instruments are changing the game.

Instrument adjusting gives you precision control that manual adjusting, no matter how proficient you are, simply cannot match. With settings that allow you to custom tailor force and delivery thereof, adjusting instruments grant you an unbelievable level of exactness.

PulStar’s comprehensive visualized instrument adjusting gives you the best of both visualization and instrument adjustment. The two work together in flawless harmony, giving you capability beyond imagination. From assigning unique force and impulse rate settings for each vertebra to tracking changes in a client’s health over time, the features and benefits of the PulStar’s visualized instrument adjustment suite are without comparison.

The Long-Term Benefits of PulStar

Selecting the right tools for your chiropractic practice is essential to your success. Not only are you investing your hard-earned money into a product that must pay dividends, you are also investing in yourself. Instrument adjusting offers a myriad of benefits to a Doctor of Chiropractic, not the least of which is the protection it provides your body.

Manual adjusting has its place, but there is no question that it is hard on your body over the course of your chiropractic career. Instrument adjusting saves you from this wear and tear, giving you health and longevity along with all the other advantages that accompany these modern technologies.

The comprehensive suite provided by the PulStar benefits your body and your wallet. Because it includes both visualization technology and adjusting instruments, you are maximizing the bang for your buck and the earning potential of your new investment. By only having to purchase one complete package—rather than buying visualization technology from one source and tools from another—you are saving valuable time and money. You are also giving yourself an opportunity to appeal to a larger customer base via advertising and offering more advanced services than your competition.

PulStar sits atop the industry as the premium visualized instrument adjusting option. For more on what makes PulStar so special, check out the website or contact an expert today.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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