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“The PulStar has extended my practice life”

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Massachusetts-based chiropractor Dr. Paul Blomerth shared some of his thoughts with us on how he believes the PulStar has “built his practice” in the 14 years that he has had one. In the video below, he talks about how:

  • He is able to capture those patients that are afraid of traditional manual adjustments.
  • As a chiropractic neurologist, it is helpful for him to offer such a gentle form of adjustment.
  • The PulStar has extended his practice life.
Watch his video testimonial below to get all of the reasons that Dr. Blomerth “can’t say enough good about the PulStar.”

Dr. Blomerth completed this video testimonial as part of our Free Repairs for Life program. If you are a PulStar doctor, learn more about how you can participate.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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