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PulStar trainer, Dr. Walton, shares what Palmer students might learn

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“It’s as versatile as your hands, but opens doors to patients you didn’t even know you were missing.”

-Dr. Stevan Walton, FICC

Dr. Stevan Walton, owner and primary DC at Lahaina Health Center in Maui, Hawaii, has been using the PulStar™ on all of his patients for more almost 14 years now. But before purchasing the PulStar and opening his practice in Lahaina, Dr. Walton practiced in the contiguous U.S. and was Chairman of the Technique Department at a chiropractic college, where his stance on instrument adjusting was, “our hands can do more than any gadget.”

See what the PulStar can do for you!

PulStar trainer, Dr. Walton, on what Palmer students may learn:

1. How treating patients gently opens the door to a wider range of patients

Palmer students might learn that the PulStar is excellent for adjusting the spine, but it can be used beyond the spine. It is very useful in resolving soft tissue issues, and is often effective in treatment areas where manual adjustment has not been successful.

We now have established protocols for using the instrument:

  • In the basic operations  of “Analyze” and “Adjustment” modes
  • When patients in pain require positional adjusting: How to pre-position the patient to enhance analysis or adjustment when prone, seated or standing
  • In highly specific adjustments enabled by variations in the different instrument heads and techniques
  • For extremity and soft tissue adjusting
  • As an aid in resolving neurological and biomechanical problems
The PulStar can treat patients of any age or physical condition. Watch the video above to see how the PulStar enables treatment of a six month old infant with Colic.

2. Headache and neck adjustments with precise control, protecting you and your patients and reducing malpractice risk

Chiropractors have gotten bad press over so-called “over-aggressive” manual treatments that involve adjusting patient’s necks to relieve migraines, headaches or other issues.

The PulStar multiple impulse therapy technology is a much gentler alternative to manual neck adjustments. Using scientific analysis data, you are able to identify the exact point of misalignment before applying delicate pulses into the area that improve the patient’s symptoms in a fraction of the time. And the best part? You can relieve a patient’s pain without any of the risk of popping, twisting and cracking of the traditional methods.

The PulStar also records the forces applied to each patient at each vertebra or adjustment point, providing a computer record that can greatly reduce malpractice risk.

3.Real clinical validation

“And then PulStar users from overseas shared four clinical trials—a not surprising, but huge validation of the value of the PulStar technique.”

-Dr. Stevan Walton, FICC

Our overseas partners shared four clinical trials done by medical facilities in hospitals in China and Poland. These studies were done by independent parties with no involvement of PulStar’s parent company, Sense Technology.

A RCT study done by the Department of Surgery at Jingxi Hospital, China demonstrated that using the PulStar multiple impulse device in the treatment of acute lumbar strain yields faster and more marked results than conventional treatment, is painless for the patient, and offers safer diagnosis and treatment, shorter treatment times, and greater comfort. See Dr. Walton’s review of the clinical studies:

4. Consistency of analysis doctor to doctor

It’s as versatile as your hands, but adds a consistency of analysis and adjustment that can be duplicated from doctor to doctor. Working in Maui, this is particularly useful as we have visitors and seasonal visitors that may want to continue treatment once they return home.

5. Less wear and tear on the body giving practice longevity

“It all started with an in-practice trial. I wish I had done it 5 years sooner.”

-Dr. Stevan Walton, FICC

They sent me the instrument for a two week in-office trial. I began to utilize it. I wish I had done it 5 years sooner. It’s saved me a lot of wear and tear on my own body, and has really helped my patients.
Our industry has a relatively high rate of physical disability stemming from the constant strain of manual adjustments.

Chiropractic techniques are meaningless if a Chiropractor becomes injured and no longer can help patients.

We’re excited to be introducing the PulStar to the students who will become the future of the Chiropractic industry.

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Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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