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A 4 minute case for how the PulStar can help your clinic

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Christian Evans is the president of Sense Technology, the company his father, Dr. Joseph Evans created as the inventor of the PulStar. Although not a salesman, Christian created this video with his mobile phone. He speaks sincerely and concisely about how the PulStar can help doctors.

Please give us 4:09 minutes to see if maybe, just maybe the PulStar can help your clinic.

Below: select video highlights, and clinical trials prove effectiveness

  • With the PulStar you can do so much more than just analysis and adjusting of the spine—You can use it on soft tissue and extremities
  • It’s got marketing tools built into its software
  • It’s more precise and more gentle than what doctors can do with their hands, which saves doctors from practice injuries and enables a longer practice life
  • The PulStar system records the forces applied to each patient at each vertebra adjusted, providing a computer record that can greatly reduce malpractice risk
  • All this comes on the heels of a series of randomized control trials and other clinical studies performed recently that overwhelmingly support the effectiveness of the PulStar for various conditions. Download PulStar’s research bundle for more information.

Analysis and adjustment of spine, plus treatment of soft tissue and extremities

Gentle but precise techniques open doors to patients you didn’t even know you were missing. Point mode for soft tissue work where the rate goes from 4 impulses per second and sweeps up to 90 and back down. Myofascial mode where you can keep the rate from 30 to 50 impulses per second to work along or across muscle fibers or with the extremities.

Now incorporated into the curriculum at Palmer College

Technology in the chiropractic industry has been slower to catch on than in other medical fields. But now, leaders in Chiropractic education like Palmer College have integrated the PulStar into their Technique curriculum. They’re introducing the PulStar to the students who will become the future of the chiropractic industry.

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Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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