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The Impulse Therapy & Chiropractic Adjustment Tool Changing the Chiropractic World: Getting to Know the PulStar® G3 Tech Suite

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As the healthcare and wellness industries continue to change over time, so too do the tools that healthcare providers, wellness practitioners, doctors of chiropractic, and more use and lean on to best treat their patients.

Chiropractic treatment, of course, is no exception to this evolving rule.

Though traditionally the practice of Chiropractic involves doctors of chiropractic relying on their physical abilities to treat patients, this is no longer the only way to provide patients with the relief and healing they need.

Now, more than ever, the practice of multiple impulse therapy through the use of chiropractic adjustment tools has become a method of Chiropractic that’s not just used occasionally but heavily relied on by qualified, successful, and notable doctors of chiropractic.

And while there are certainly plenty of tools out there designed to assist doctors of chiropractic in their quest to treat and heal patients, not all of these impulse therapy tools are created equally. In fact, one specific tool stands out above the rest, offering doctors of chiropractic the resources and features they need to do what they do to the best of their ability.

That chiropractic adjustment tool? The PulStar G3 Tech Suite.

If your interest is piqued but you’re unfamiliar with impulse therapy, the PulStar system, or chiropractic adjustment tools in general, you’re in the right place.

Together, we’ll dive into some of the basics of multiple impulse therapy to best explain why this is a prevailing method for modern doctors of chiropractic and further, we’ll dive into the details of chiropractic adjustment tools in general.

And finally, we’ll acquaint you with one of the premium multiple impulse therapy systems on the market, the PulStar G3 Tech Suite.

Exploring Impulse Therapy: Why Use a Chiropractic Adjustment Tool?

Before we can dive into the benefits of chiropractic adjustment tools—and specifically explain the key difference between other systems and the PulStar G3 Tech Suite—it’s first crucial to discuss multiple impulse therapy.

Impulse Therapy, often referred to as Multiple Impulse Therapy (or MIT), is the process of using gentle impulses, employed by a skilled practitioner, applied to an area of musculoskeletal misalignment or subluxation.

This is accomplished through the use of a computer-assisted impulse device that’s designed to help treat patients, relieve pain, and resolve discomfort.

These computer-assisted impulse devices are also known as visualized instrument adjustors, and they’re designed to help supplement the manual adjusting to allow for adjustments with improved accuracy.

Typically, these instruments work by using computerized motion palpation to visualize and analyze the internal state of a patients’ spine, allowing doctors of chiropractic to pinpoint areas of concern. Then applying precise, highly controlled impulses to the area, capable of being adjusted to specific force levels.

Obviously, this type of computerized tool offers plenty of benefits for your patients.

But there are also several benefits for doctors of chiropractic like you, too. Aside from the fact that your patients will benefit from precise adjustment that’s delivered with their comfort in mind, you’re also able to avoid the physical toll and wear and tear that manual adjustment can incur on your body.

The PulStar G3 Tech Suite: Your Guide to the PulStar Chiropractic Adjustment Tool System

We could discuss the benefits of chiropractic adjustment tools all day, but truthfully, despite the fact that the market is flooded with impulse therapy devices, not every adjustment tool is created equally.

That’s why we’d like to introduce you to the PulStar G3 Tech Suite.

Unlike other systems on the market, PulStar prioritizes improved analysis results, elevated patient comprehension and education, enhanced career longevity, flexibility and customizable features to serve as many patients as possible, and unmatched simplicity that ensures top-notch customer experiences.

PulStar proudly offers three unique systems—our G3 Vision Suites including the G3 Tech Suite, the G3 Mobile Suite, and the Full Suite— to help best meet the unique needs of doctors of chiropractic.

Like the other PulStar G3 systems, the Tech Suite offers features that other MIT systems don’t, like:

  • Full spine display for enhanced analysis and improved patient comprehension
  • Unmatched patient education opportunities
  • Quiet, comfortable, and pain-free impulse therapy
  • All-inclusive lifetime maintenance programs
  • A comprehensive system for all tissues

Beyond that, the PulStar G3 suites offer features like patient data networking, low-volume adjusting (at only 65 decibels, the machine is no louder than a normal conversation), handheld controls for ease of use, a singular system for every tissue, easy-to-understand graphics, fine detail measurements, low force mode, full spine display, and beyond.

All of this leads to the most important question in this blog— what makes the  PulStar G3 Tech Suite different than PulStar’s other offerings?

This system is designed to meet and exceed your standard chiropractic needs, offering features to doctors who have a smaller budget, a single clinic, and seek a system with a smaller footprint that can offer a single system for both skeletal and soft tissue issues.

With a 24” display, this setup is ideal for doctors who won’t need to move their PulStar systems from room to room and can rely on the advantages a single setup can offer them. Like the other systems, the Tech Suite includes:

  • 1 Apple Computer
  • 1 Control Box
  • Power Cables
  • 3 Dual Tip Attachments
  • 2 Single Tip Attachments
  • A 37-page marketing manual
  • Osseous and soft tissue software
  • Impulse head with on-head controls
  • Patient brochures

Designed specifically to help smaller practices take their treatments to the next level in a cohesive way, the PulStar G3 Tech Suite is the ideal system for doctors of chiropractic hoping to make a difference in their patients’ treatments and level up the way they protect themselves against the wear and tear of a physical industry.

Does your practice call for something a bit more portable or advanced? Our Portable G3 Mobile Suite is ideal for doctors who work in multiple practices, make house calls, or run health screenings outside clinics. Interested in a larger display for even further digital impact? The Premium G3 Full Suite offers a 27” display with touch-screen technology for an even more intuitive suite. 

The Chiropractic Adjustment Tool Designed to Change Your Practice & Your Treatments

No matter which PulStar suite you choose, each system can offer next-level benefits designed to take your patients’ treatments to new heights.

Interested in learning more about how PulStar’s suites can change the way your practice offers healing?

We can help. Reach out to our team to learn more, schedule a demo, and discuss which of our multiple impulse therapy tools might be the best fit for your practice.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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