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Visualized Instrument Adjusting

The Benefits of Visualized Instrument Adjusting

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How visualized instrument adjusting can revolutionize your patients’ experience and your practice

As a doctor of chiropractic, you strive to provide your patients with the pain relief, health benefits, and positive experience of chiropractic adjustment. The more effectively you can do your job, the better it is for your patients, your practice, and you.

Back pain, especially, is extremely prevalent in today’s world due to various factors, including injuries and more sedentary work environments. You are tasked with alleviating the effects of innumerable issues. While you are certainly up to the task, equipping yourself with the proper tools is a great way to enhance your practice and protect your body from years of wear and tear.

What is Visualized Instrument Adjusting?

One of the most exciting innovations in the chiropractic field is the advent of visualized instrument adjusting. This technology supplements the manual adjusting that you are so adept at, allowing you to perform adjustments with improved accuracy and without physical detriment to your own body.

There is no doubt that you are exceptionally skilled thanks to years of concerted effort, learning, and practice—no tool can replace human intuition and touch—however, a more in-depth analysis of a patient’s underlying issues, as well as the ability to apply extremely precise and fast adjustment, can elevate your chiropractic practice to the next level.

These instruments work by using computerized motion palpation to visualize and analyze the internal state of a patient’s back, allowing you to pinpoint areas of concern. The instrument then applies precise, highly controlled impulses to those areas, adjusting them to the exact level you desire.

Understanding the Benefits of Visualized Instrument Adjusting

It is hard to overstate the advantages of incorporating visualized instrument adjusting into your chiropractic repertoire. As you implement this technology into your daily workflow, you are bound to discover a number of advantages unique to you and your style. That being said, there are a handful of universal benefits that visualized instrument adjusting offers to every doctor of chiropractic.

Protect Your Body and Career

Years of performing manual adjustment can cause your body to break down. Not only can this lead to physical issues, particularly in your hands and arms, but it can also cut your career short. Sacrificing your physical health for the sake of the patient may be noble, but it is unnecessary, especially now that instrument adjusting is commonplace and easy to afford and learn.

Save Time

The art of adjusting is not concerned with time, but you, your patients, and your practice are. The reality of the matter is that patients grow impatient during long sessions, both the patient and your bodies can suffer from extended adjusting, and your business can service more in-need people if each appointment is shorter.

Visualized instrument adjusting can reduce the time necessary to provide a patient with a thorough and effective adjustment, saving you both pain and time, as well as creating more opportunities for your practice to serve other patients.

Additional Services

Expanding your services and your skillset can attract more patients and offer them more options to benefit their health. Not only does this enhance your ability to serve those who require your professional touch, but it also makes your practice more diverse and appealing to a larger demographic.

Help Patients Visualize

Thanks to the visual component of computerized instrument adjusting, it is far easier to explain to patients why they are experiencing the pain, tightness, and other symptoms that brought them to your office. This is a great opportunity to not only demonstrate exactly how adjusting will benefit them but also convince skeptical patients of the validity and effectiveness of chiropractic adjusting.

Same Adjustment, Less Force

Thanks to the precise control and speed provided by adjustment instruments, you can pinpoint areas of concern and apply accurate and exact pressure to the right area without using the same level of force required by manual adjustment. This ensures that the force is focused on the right spot, even if it is small, and saves both you and the patient the physical wear and tear of manual adjusting.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

As a doctor of chiropractic, you face significant competition in your field. To stay ahead of that competition, it is vital to embrace the latest techniques and tools. This ensures that you don’t fall behind in terms of services offered. It also provides marketing materials that you can use to attract new patients (that may have some apprehension regarding manual chiropractic?) and retain your current patients.

PulStar is the premier visualization instrument adjusting technology on the market today. Fully capable of revolutionizing your chiropractic practice, PulStar is a comprehensive suite of technology and tools and features a simple learning curve, making it easy to implement into your daily workflow.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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