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Let’s Talk Portable Adjustment: Choosing an Adjustment Machine That Can Assist With Mobile Health Screening

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As a doctor of chiropractic, you know that treatment isn’t always linear. Every patient—and how you treat them—is different. In the same way, where you treat your patients doesn’t always look the same.

No matter what type of chiropractic office you run—from a traditional, brick-and-mortar clinic to a mobile office— being able to provide treatment in a portable, convenient way is a necessity.

And while often this would just entail you, the doctor of chiropractic, moving from room to room to provide manual treatment, this process does get a bit more complicated when you include the use of impulse therapy tools designed to elevate your patients’ treatment.

Impulse therapy, frequently referred to as Multiple Impulse Therapy (or MIT), is the process of using gentle impulses, employed by a skilled practitioner, applied to an area of musculoskeletal misalignment or subluxation.

The benefit of this tool is that it provides precise treatment through the use of a computer-assisted impulse device that’s designed to help treat patients, relieve pain, and resolve discomfort. These tools, known as visualized instrument adjustors, are uniquely engineered to supplement your manual adjusting.

The benefits of these types of systems are obvious (more comfortable patient experiences, full spine displays, specialized and specific treatment for all types of tissue in a single system), but if you’re a doctor of chiropractic who is rarely treating patients in a single place, you might think these tools aren’t an option for you.

Thankfully, this isn’t the case.

In this blog, we’ll break down everything you need to know about adjustment machines and how they can fit into your mobile health screening plans.

And then, we’ll take this helpful information a step further and dive into need-to-know details about one of the best systems available on the market, the Portable PulStar G3 Mobile Suite.

Mobile Health Screening: The Benefits of a Portable Adjustment Machine

If you’re a doctor of chiropractic that doesn’t yet offer mobile health screening, you might be wondering what the advantage of portable adjustment machines is in the first place.

The key advantage of investing in a portable adjustment machine is the flexibility you’ll have for treatment in any area. Whether you’re looking for something that you can move from office to office, room to room, patient homes, or mobile setups, it’s beneficial to opt for a portable adjustment machine instead of feeling the need to resort to entirely manual adjustment.

Above all, your patients will benefit from portable adjustment machines. With portable adjustment machines, you can:

  • Treat patients that are unable to come to your brick and mortar office space
  • Setup mobile health screenings to analyze new patients who could become regulars
  • Invest in a single system that can benefit several offices and locations
  • Provide elevated, technology-driven, precise treatments to supplement your manual adjustment treatments

How to Choose the Portable Adjustment Machine That’s Right For You: Meet the PulStar G3 Mobile Suite

The benefits of portable adjustment machines are likely more evident to you at this point, but this presents an entirely new question—with so many portable adjustment machines on the market, how can you be sure the system you’re choosing is the right investment?

Immediately, we’ll tell you this—not all portable adjustment machines are created equally.

The system you choose should balance a long list of features and standard treatments while providing flexibility and portability that’s unmatched.

Not sure what you should look for in a mobile, portable impulse therapy machine? Consider factors like:

  • Portability that isn’t complicated. Your mobile suite should be just that, mobile. Opt for an easy to maneuver laptop of an ideal size that works when moved among practices, when making house calls, running mobile health screenings outside your clinic, and beyond.
  • Mobility that doesn’t interfere with treatment. Just because your suite is mobile doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fully equipped. Choose a mobile suite that offers all the same features as part of the standard suite that stays in-house but can move freely to and from locations.
  • Handheld controls for intuitive operation.
  • Easy to comprehend visuals that ensure top-notch customer understanding and easy-to-understand analysis displays.
  • Networkable patient data that comes with a custom patient database to keep track of patients, treatments, results, and analysis.
  • Multiple modes of impulse therapy offering treatment in prone, sitting, and standing positions.
  • Quiet, comfortable, pain-free processes that delivers precise treatment in a comfortable way.
  • Full spine visuals that show you and your patients the entirety of the spine in a comprehensive view, without the need to switch screens.
  • Custom case to protect your investment on the move.

Looking for a system just like the one we described above? Good news—that’s the Portable PulStar G3 Mobile Suite and it’s ready to be seamlessly added to your practice.

This system offers the same long list of benefits as other standard suites from PulStar, just with the added benefit of seamless portability. The PulStar G3 Portable Suite has a 13″ laptop and is ideal for doctors who work in multiple practices, make house calls, or run health screenings outside their clinics.

Like the other systems, the Portable Suite includes:

  • 1 Apple Computer
  • 1 Control Box
  • Power Cables
  • 3 Dual Tip Attachments
  • 2 Single Tip Attachments
  • A 37-page marketing manual
  • Osseous and soft tissue software
  • Impulse head with on-head controls
  • Patient brochures


  • Custom portable case

Elevate Your Mobile Health Screening with the Right Adjustment Machine

Are you ready to change the way you treat patients—and more specifically, where you treat patients? With PulStar’s G3 Mobile Suite, you can bring the power of precise adjustment to your patients, wherever that might be. From one room over to at-home visits, your treatment options just got a lot more flexible.

Have questions about the PulStar suites? Interested in learning more about how PulStar can change the way you treat patients? Interested in scheduling a demo? Our team is standing by, ready to answer your questions and help you take your chiropractic practice—and how you treat patients—to new heights.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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