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PulStar’s Best Practices for Patient Success

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As a Doctor of Chiropractic, your primary concern is the success of your patients. From recovery from injuries to improving quality of life amid chronic health problems, your work aids your clients as they navigate physical challenges. Your work is truly directed at changing lives.

To provide the best possible care, part of your responsibility involves continuing education and a willingness to adopt the latest techniques and technologies. Thankfully, modern medicine is constantly advancing and evolving, allowing you to treat your patients with the latest, cutting-edge innovations. As an additional benefit, these innovations often benefit both the patients and you, providing even more incentive to adapt to the shifting landscape of chiropractic practice.

PulStar has been a leader in the world of chiropractic technology and technique for years. As it continues to push the field forward, patients and Doctors of Chiropractic alike are reaping the benefits. Read on to discover precisely how Doctors of Chiropractic are helping their patients find success using PulStar.

Enhanced Treatment Via Visualization

PulStar’s visualization technology gives Doctors of Chiropractic a comprehensive view of a patient’s spinal motion, including a complete picture of the spine and a more detailed look at each vertebrae. PulStar even gives you insight throughout the motion of the joint during adjustment, allowing you to evaluate health at each point in the range of motion.

The advantages of actually seeing the spinal motion before, during, and after adjustment are immense. Not only does this allow you to thoroughly evaluate any issues and address them accordingly, but it also allows you to see the effectiveness of treatment, both immediately and long-term. The elevated quality of care associated with this means better outcomes for your patient and more referrals for you.

Precision Adjustment

There is a time and place for manual adjusting—it has been a staple in the Doctor of Chiropractic quiver for decades—but the advent of instrument adjusting has revolutionized how chiropractors can care for their patients.

Among the benefits of instrument adjusting, a few stand out as being particularly advantageous. Instruments help Doctors of Chiropractic direct the force of their adjustment more specifically and with unparalleled precision. They can also deliver adjustable levels of force to the targeted areas, giving you exact control over the adjustment.

Both of these features give you unprecedented ability to provide your patients with next-level personalized care.


Healing the body requires mental engagement. Patients who are motivated and confident in the treatment they are receiving are more likely to find success. For many, that means placing their faith in a Doctor of Chiropractic who embraces the latest innovations and treatment methods.

Not only does visualized instrument adjusting give you another skillset to offer your patients, but it also fulfills this innate desire patients have to know their chiropractor is providing them with the most modern treatments available. This confidence in your abilities and your care can go a long way toward facilitating patient success.


The relationship between a Doctor of Chiropractic and their patients is essential to the success of whatever treatment is being performed. The better the two parties know and understand each other, the more streamlined their communication and ability to work together toward a common goal. Beyond this, a comprehensive patient history is vital to understanding the challenges they are facing, how they respond to specific treatments, and the long-term progress and outlook they are facing.

Because instrument adjusting preserves your body from the inevitable wear and tear of manual adjusting, you can extend your career and care for your patients with a commitment and longevity that otherwise may not be possible.

The ways in which PulStar has elevated chiropractic practices is clear, and it is not just the Doctors of Chiropractic that benefit from these cutting-edge innovations. Rather, and perhaps more importantly, it is the patients who reap the benefits of these modern chiropractic tools.

When patient success is the goal, PulStar’s comprehensive suite of visualized instrument adjusting tools is a critical cog in achieving it. The advantages listed here barely scrape the surface of how integral PulStar can be in changing your patients’ lives for the better.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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