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5 Best Instrument Adjustors for Chiropractors

The Best 5 Instrument Adjustment Tools in Chiropractic

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As your Chiropractic practice continues to evolve to best meet the needs of your patients, resolve their pain, and provide exceptional treatment, so does your repertoire of tools used to achieve these things.

Instrument adjustment tools are among the most popular and sought-after Chiropractic tools on the market as of late—and for good reason. More patients than ever seek Doctors of Chiropractic that are investing in these tools. 

Why? Because they offer a better patient experience, deliver targeted and tailored treatment, and offer invaluable client education, too.

 But of the chiropractic instrument adjustment tools on the market, which are the best?

That’s precisely what this article intends to cover. But first, we answer an essential foundational question. 

What Are Instrument Adjusting Tools?

Like manual adjusting, instrument adjusting has the goal of providing relief, offering treatment and helping your patient feel their healthiest. The difference? Instrument adjusting uses tools—not just your physicality—to make these things happen. 

Imagine a tool that enables you to provide pain-free analysis and treatment with gentle and targeted force for spinal adjustments, including in the neck, back and extremities. 

While there are a few different chiropractic adjusting instruments out there, most of them rely on spring-loaded, low force-impulses delivered to targeted, localized areas. 

Doctors of Chiropractic are turning toward instrument adjusting tools now more than ever for several reasons. 

To start, they can provide proper treatment that’s easily customizable, offer a comfortable and pain-free experience for your patients, and take the stress off your body to future-proof your practice and allow some longevity. Finally, they provide additional data points and analyses that help you understand how best to treat your patients and offer easy-to-understand insight and education for them as well. 

The 5 Best Instrument Adjusting Tools That Every Doctor of Chiropractic Should Know About

Like most things that become important to the chiropractic process, plenty of instrument adjusting tools and chiropractic activator tool are available on the market. But like most other circumstances, not every instrument adjustment tool is created equal. 

There are pros and cons to every tool out there, but among the long list of available tools, there’s a much shorter list of high-quality ones that claim the title of “best instrument adjusting tools.” 

This article will dive into some of that list to give you a better idea of what instrument adjusting tools you should know about. 

Sigma ProAdjuster

Sigma claims that it created its instruments to eliminate the old-fashioned “racking” of manual chiropractic methods through the use of a computerized medical device that removes the guesswork of traditional chiropractic practice. 

Used for treating multiple conditions, the Sigma ProAdjuster tool fires neural pathways, breaks up adhesions and fixations, resets muscle spindle fibers, and breaks pain cycles. 


Considered the first and best-computerized instrument adjusting suite for Doctors of Chiropractic, PulStar offers customizable, upgraded systems that are designed to pair with your healing hands. 

Offering full spine display, low and controllable preload and analysis settings, advanced protocols, adjustment in motion, and speech-enabled capabilities. While somewhat similar to chiropractor activator adjustment tools, PulStar is unmatched when it comes to balancing patient experience with cutting-edge computerized technology. 

The FDA has cleared the use of the PulStar for musculoskeletal pain due to joint subluxation, restricted joint mobility, myofascial spasm & ligamentous strain.

MyoVision ScanVision 

Designed on the idea of an “EP Stress Score,” the ScanVision MyoVision tool measures the electrical activity of the paraspinal muscles while weight bearing using a patented wireless 5-electrode design. 

As a result, you’re able to show your patients what you feel with your hands—with data displays and colored bars that extend from the spine, proportional to muscle tension. 

Show your patients what you feel with your hands with accurate, tangible data. 

Neurochemical Innovations Impulse 

Engineered to be an instrument-assisted tool for spinal manipulation, chiropractic adjusting products, and clinical training, this instrument adjustment tool produces thrusts that are the same force as manual adjustments—but nearly 100x faster.

The result? More efficient adjustments that are easier on patients and the Doctors who deliver them. 

Activator V

The Activator V is a cordless, electronic activator adjusting instrument that produces an electronic thrust of pressure at the touch of a button. Featuring four thrust settings to generate waves that penetrate a patient’s body, this chiropractic activator only requires a daily lithium-ion battery charge to withstand a typical day of use. 

PulStar: The Best of the Best Instrument Adjustment Tool 

Of all the fine instrument adjustment tools of the market, PulStar is the premium choice for Doctors of Chiropractic. Why? Because, unlike its competitors, PulStar offers advantages like:

  • Improved analysis and results to increase and elevate patient understanding 
  • Unmatched comfort and flexibility to match all patients’ unique needs 
  • Full spine display 
  • A sound level of 65 dB for a better, comfortable patient experience 
  • Low, controllable preloaded and analysis settings 
  • 3 modes of multiple impulse therapy
  • Adjusting speeds up to 90 impulses per second 

And that’s just the start of the list—PulStar offers a wide variety of features and capabilities designed to provide a premium patient experience that’s a cut above the rest. 

Are you ready to invest in an instrument adjusting tool to better serve your patients and offer you career longevity like never before? 

Discover PulStar’s gentle and precise analysis and treatment options here, or get a free demo to see how PulStar can change the way you educate and treat your patients.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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