Essential Practice Management Tips You and Your Staff Can Do, Part 3

Now that we’ve covered patient loyalty/increasing patient visit average and referrals, it’s time to talk about the one thing that many chiropractors dread, but is essential to attracting new patients and differentiating from the competition—marketing.

In keeping with the spirit of this series, we’re offering cost-effective tips that can be comfortably executed by you and your staff. This blog is the final in a three-part Practice Management series, specifically pertaining to digital and internet marketing.

Without further ado, here are some up-to-date research and tips from our own PulStar DCs, Chiropractic Economics and more that chiropractors like you can use right now:

  • Create reasons to be in your patients’ inboxes! For example, emailed birthday greetings are a great way to keep your practice top of mind! Consider offering a low-value gift card to a local/nearby retail or coffee shop.
    You could also start a very basic blog relating to your services and general practice news, and then email your patients whenever you have a new post. You may want to start with quarterly updates, and then add more as you see fit. Check out an example by one of our PulStar DCs, Dr. James Maggio.
  • Encourage happy patients to write online reviews. See the “Encourage Reviews” section from our recent blog post. Please note that studies show that consumers are most likely to review a business in the hospitality and travel industries. Since you don’t fit into that category, if you don’t ask for reviews, you may not receive them! Studies also show that you, as a patient’s trusted DC, should ask your patients in person so that they are more likely to remember to review you when they get home. Get more tips from this Dunn & Bradstreet article about how to ask and get referrals.
  • Choose one or two digital marketing tactics from several noted in this article from Chiropractic Economics, and commit to them. Don’t try to do too much and inundate yourself and your staff with a long list of digital marketing chores that are likely to be left undone. For example, committing to Facebook advertising is an easy tactic to employ right away (we promise, even though it sometimes sounds intimidating) because boosting posts allows you to target people in your area, and you can really maximize your impact by spending $50 or less per month. Here are some very basic tips from one of our recent blog posts to get you started with Facebook posting, including updating your About section on your page and an easy demo on how to schedule posts ahead of time.

Start with these basic low-to-no cost marketing tips for each of your offices. As you begin to get traction, you may want to layer on more sophisticated marketing and/or graduate to the help of a professional marketing partner.

With the PulStar, patients get out of pain more quickly and can track their progress with each visit. Many of our DCs have generated buzz around their PulStar to help keep their online audience engaged or for use in their marketing materials.

Demo the PulStar today.

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