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How PulStar Can Help Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments in America, with approximately 30% of adults reporting that they suffer from the condition. Not only is back pain a clear cause of discomfort that can prevent you from enjoying certain activities, but it is also a serious detriment to living daily life to its maximum potential.

Thankfully, there are options for those dealing with lower back pain. From stretching and strengthening correlating muscles to undergoing chiropractic treatment, reducing and, in some cases, eliminating back pain is an attainable outcome for the majority of back pain sufferers.

A positive outlook for those with lower back pain is even more likely when cutting-edge techniques and technologies are used to treat it. Advances in medical science have led to substantially better recoveries for patients of all kinds.

Leading the innovation in back pain treatment is PulStar, a comprehensive suite of chiropractic visualized adjustment instruments. With the help of these revolutionary tools, your Doctor of Chiropractic can aid you in addressing your back pain better than ever before.

Why PulStar is so Effective

Chiropractors have long been trusted to help alleviate aches and pains, assist in injury recoveries, and otherwise give patients a chance to live their best, healthiest lives. With the advent of visualized instrument adjusting and multiple impulse therapy (MIT), the good that Doctors of Chiropractic do has been elevated to even greater heights.

Traditional manual adjustment is the most well-known method of chiropractic adjustment. While effective, it does have a few drawbacks. Most notably, manual adjusting is hard on chiropractors’ bodies—often shortening their careers—and makes delivering precision force to small, exact areas challenging for even the best Doctor of Chiropractic.

PulStar eliminates both of these shortcomings by providing an internal visual of the patient’s back and giving the Doctor of Chiropractic the tools necessary to deliver precise treatment with unbelievable accuracy via MIT.

The results are more effective treatment and superior outcomes for the patient.

Treating Lower Back Pain with PulStar

Releasing the tension of the muscles in the lower back and encouraging them to relax are key ways to alleviate lower back pain. Doing so effectively requires more than what traditional manual adjusting can offer—it requires precision, speed and concentrated application of treatment.

PulStar excels in doing exactly these things. By utilizing the PulStar’s myofascial setting and specialized MIT Walton multipurpose soft-tissue attachment in conjunction with the fastest impulse rates available today.

The myofascial PulStar mode with approximately 15 pounds of pressure is perfect for treating lower back pain and helping the muscles relax. When in myofascial mode, the PulStar instrument will increase percussive speed as you apply more pressure for the tool, making it the ideal instrument and setting for the job.

The visualization technology that is included in PulStar’s comprehensive suite also comes into play when treating lower back pain. By being able to see the areas of the lower back that need enhanced treatment and thorough attention, your Doctor of Chiropractic can make certain that they are pinpointing areas of concern. Then, they can see the effect of the adjustment and reevaluate their approach.

In addition to being highly effective and giving chiropractors the information and tools they need to provide the best possible treatment for lower back pain, PulStar is also renowned for giving patients positive experiences. This is due, in large part, to the gentleness with which PulStar instruments treat lower back issues.

Because of the accurate and precise delivery of force, PulStar’s instrument reduces the necessity of intense pushing and twisting. In other words, the adjustment process is far more comfortable while still being incredibly effective.

Whether you are suffering from lower back pain and seeking the best path to relief or you are a Doctor of Chiropractic striving to give your patients cutting-edge treatment, PulStar is the answer. With its comprehensive suite of visualized instrument adjusting products, PulStar unlocks the full potential of back pain treatment, providing patients with comfort and results, chiropractors with longevity and precision, and everyone involved with more positive outcomes.

For more information on the revolutionary impact of PulStar on lower back pain treatment, feel free to reach out. Our team of experts will gladly answer any questions you have, give you more in-depth insights into how PulStar is the perfect back pain instrument, and assist you in determining how you can best benefit from this amazing technology.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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