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Palmer College of Chiropractic to include PulStar in New Technique Course

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Palmer College of Chiropractic recently announced that it will be incorporating PulStar instruction in its Assisted Adjusting Techniques course. The course falls under the Technique requirements in the curriculum, and it is offered at Palmer’s main campus in Davenport, Iowa.

Assisted Adjusting Techniques is a combination lecture/lab featuring various table assisted and instrument assisted techniques. In addition to the PulStar multiple impulse therapy, students will learn about Thompson, Flexion/Distraction, Activator Methods and other instrumentation.

“The fact that Palmer College, known as The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education, has taken notice of what we are doing—so much so that they have decided to start incorporating the PulStar into the curriculum—makes us feel like all of our hard work in designing a safe, scientific, reliable multiple impulse therapy tool has really paid off,” says Christian Evans, President of Sense Technology. “We are absolutely ecstatic to be working with them and to be introducing the PulStar to the students who will become the future of the chiropractic industry.”

The news comes on the heels of a series of randomized control trials and other clinical studies performed recently that overwhelmingly support the effectiveness of the PulStar for various conditions. Get the research bundle for more information.

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Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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