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Need another tool to treat Frozen Shoulder?

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Click to View Chinese Frozen Shoulder Clinical Study Summary

“PulStar Treatment In 45 Cases of Supraspinatus Tendon Calcification,” conducted by researchers at the Benxi First People’s Hospital in China, was published in the Journal of Aerospace Medicine in February 2016. Scroll down to watch the video below for a summary of the study, conducted by Dr. Steve Walton, doctor at Lahaina Health Center in Maui, HI.

How often do you see Frozen Shoulder at your practice? And how effective is your usual treatment? Because by the conclusion of this study, all patients who were adjusted by the PulStar had regained full shoulder functionality, with the overwhelming majority of the patients’ symptoms disappearing completely in just one round of treatment.

Read the Full Study

This Chinese clinical study, which was conducted independent of Sense Technology, is one of four recent international clinical studies showing the effectiveness of the PulStar. Get our full research bundle to learn more—or, if you are a PulStar doctor, use the bundle to show your patients how you use evidence-based chiropractic. Want to see the PulStar in action? Sign up for a no-obligation 30-minute screen-share Demo to get a generous discount on the PulStar.

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Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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