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3 Types of DCs Who Should Consider Trading Up to the PulStar

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DCs from all over have been getting an excellent deal on the PulStar, thanks to our Trade Up and Save Up offer, which allows you to trade in ANY old chiropractic instrumentation to receive a generous customized discount.
What makes this offer unique is that it can be combined with other deals, such as our 30-minute screen-share demo discount, and it is evergreen! So it’s never too late to take advantage of this deal. Click here to read more.

Here are 3 types of DCs who can benefit from the Trade Up and Save Up offer:

1. DCs who have never used Multiple Impulse Therapy, but may have tried other instrument adjusting in the past.

Our Trade Up and Save Up campaign applies to all sorts of trade-ins, from vibration therapy to single impulse therapy and more! What makes PulStar’s multiple impulse therapy so effective is a combination of gentle impulses that can safely treat many muscuoloskeletal conditions plus the system’s analyzing capabilities, which show simple pre and post treatment comparison charts that both doctor and patient can understand.

2. DCs who have tried Multiple Impulse Therapy, but do not own a PulStar.

For these DCs, this is your chance to upgrade! DCs who are using other multiple impulse therapy devices are simply not getting the full package. PulStar chiropractic tools are designed, and continually improved, by a team of innovators and researchers, making our products the very best that the musculoskeletal therapy industry has to offer. Plus, our G3 Suites have every feature that you could wish for, including advanced reporting and analysis capabilities to an easy-to-use pulsating device with numerous attachments, which saves your hands from stress and strain.

3. PulStar DCs who are using an older model.

The PulStar has changed a lot over the years, and our G3 models are truly state-of-the-art. Features such as myofascial mode, new graphics to help educate your patients, automatic reporting and an ergonomic pulsating head have helped to make our G3 Vision suites the best multiple impulse therapy tools on the market. If you trade in your old PulStar system, you will be eligible for a substantial discount on all G3 Vision suites, so it’s a great way to make an upgrade.

Click here to Trade Up and Save Up.

Learn about how the PulStar can save you from practice injury and transform your practice by watching the video below.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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