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An Essential Patient Story

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On September 21, 2017, we received the following message from Carrie Johnson, an Essential Elements user. Many thanks to Carrie for sharing her story with us! You will find it below.

Hi Dr. Evans,

My name is Carrie. You have come as my angel of mercy. Three years ago, I fell and broke my ankle, also injuring tendons across the bottom of my left ankle. Even though the bone and tendons did heal, the pain did not go away. Over time, the pain traveled to my calf, then below the knee, entirely consuming my thigh, and then into the hip and lower back.

In May, 2017, I started getting cramping in various places, the worst being on all four sides of my thigh. On the front side, there was an area about 5-7 centimeters wide and about 10-16 centimeters long that felt like leather stretched over cardboard. The inside of my thigh felt like there was a small rope under the skin, the outside had a lump about 1/2 the size of a marble, and the back of my thigh also had several smaller lumps. These effected areas were all very hard and EXTREMELY painful.

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I was often reduced to tears of despair crying out, “I can’t handle this anymore!” The pain defied description. Those who have ever had a “Charlie horse” can identify. Sometimes after some stretching, rubbing and perhaps some topical cream, the muscles would relax and the pain would reduce until there was just a bit of tenderness in the area over the next day or so. But try to imagine those muscles locking in, causing maximum pain for hours at a time, sometimes all day and all night.

I am reluctant to rely on pain killer medication as a long-term resource, but I do use them as last resort to maintain some sort of sanity. We tried numerous topical and ingested remedies to address muscle relaxation and pain management. Some provided minimal temporary relief, but nothing has been very promising. My husband served as my untrained, volunteer massage therapist, which gave some relief, but often had to be utilized 2 or 3 times a day and sometimes in the middle of the night.

I realize that this testimony is getting to document size, but I want to help you see how this problem has consumed us over the past 3 years, and more intently, for the past 4 months. We have tried many resources to seek help: my GP, who is very understanding but admits to being baffled; a neurologist; a podiatrist; 2 physiotherapists (one of which uses IMS); 2 naturopaths (one that administered acupuncture); 2 chiropractors; and 2 message therapists. I’m not trying to knock any of these disciplines, as some of them did provide minimal, temporary help. However, one of the most frustrating elements of this scenario was that nobody was able to give a clear diagnosis to explain why my health had disintegrated so terribly over the stated period of time, nor what to do about the excruciating pain.
While searching everywhere for help, I came upon a Facebook post dealing with chronic pain, which referred me to your PulStar webpage. After studying it, and your paper explaining your theory on the Calcium Pump, we both concluded that there couldn’t be a more accurate assessment of what my symptoms indicated.

We contacted you, and you graciously sent us a free sample of the Essential Elements Lotion to try. It arrived last Monday, and we immediately applied it to the most severe areas of muscle tension and pain. REMARKABLY, within 3 hours of application the hard places began to soften, the skin in the areas began to feel like human skin again, and I began to feel better. By the second day, all the hard places were either gone or greatly reduced and the pain was minimal, compared to what it had been. So by the third day, we contacted you again to order more lotion to insure that we never run out.

I don’t want to imply that we have received a “miracle cure” (although to us, as near as possible) or that the pain has completely vanished, nor for that matter that we are not “out of the woods” yet. But the progress that has been made in a very short period of time is nothing short of remarkable.

Thus we felt it necessary to tell our story in full.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Carrie Johnson

3 Months Later…

“Are you still using Essential Elements?”

Yes, we are still using the Essential Elements morning and evening and occasionally as needed once during the day when the muscles begin to tighten … The areas where needed are much smaller than when we started using the lotion. The main area of use is my left thigh on all four sides.  But also as needed on my left lower back, hip, calf and ankle. My husband usually helps me apply the lotion and massages it in.  When we first applied the Essential Elements, it took 2-3 hours for the muscles to fully relax, but now when applied to muscles starting to tense, they soften in 20-30 minutes.

I hope you can sense my gratitude, considering that the muscles used to lock in large area blocks for hours at a time causing excruciating pain that was unbearable … All in all, we have received (and continue to receive) such excellent results from the Essential Elements that I can’t imagine ever being without it again as long as my health condition remains a challenge …

Thanks again for help you have provided and for the concern you show for my situation.

Forever grateful,
Carrie Johnson

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Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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