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How PulStar Can Help Extremity Numbness

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Dealing with extremity numbness can be concerning and extremely frustrating. It is a condition that impacts more than just the affected extremities; it affects your day-to-day quality of life, as well. In other words, it is a serious condition that has a profound influence on the lives of those who experience it.

Often, patients are unaware of the connection between pain and numbness in their extremities and underlying issues in their musculoskeletal alignment. Your doctor of chiropractic isn’t just there to treat back pain; their expertise can relieve the pain and numbness you are experiencing in your extremities.

The benefits of chiropractic adjustment are only accentuated by the use of instrument adjusting. New technologies and techniques have taken the already effective treatment provided by chiropractors and improved upon them, allowing your doctor of chiropractic to facilitate exceptional outcomes.

Multiple Impulse Therapy and Instrument Adjusting

A highly trained doctor of chiropractic is knowledgeable and skilled in musculoskeletal adjustment and how correcting misalignment can have a positive ripple effect on the rest of the body. Correcting an imbalance in your back may alleviate numbness and pain in your leg, for example.

For decades, manual adjustment has been the go-to technique for chiropractic treatment. While this approach, which involves the doctor of chiropractic leveraging their own body to adjust their patient, is still reliable and frequently employed, instrument adjusting has opened up a whole new world of efficient, sustainable treatment.

Using specialized chiropractic tools, your doctor of chiropractic can now deliver multiple impulse therapy with pinpoint accuracy. This treatment, which uses gentle impulses and computer assistance, is far more effective than manual adjustment alone. It also preserves the chiropractor’s health, which is essential to prolonging their career and enabling them to provide stellar treatment session after session.

While there are several options on the market today, this is a definite hierarchy of visualized instrument adjustment products. Setting the standard among chiropractic tools for decades now, PulStar has always been on the leading edge of adjustment instruments. It is the most sophisticated, most comprehensive suite of tools available, making it ideal for treating extremity numbness.

How PulStar Helps Extremity Numbness

The root cause of numbness in the arms, feet, hands, and or legs is often musculoskeletal in nature. Because of this, your doctor of chiropractic can contribute to your relief and recovery. This is true of all skilled chiropractors, and especially of those who use PulStar.

Designed specifically to assist your doctor of chiropractic in treating issues beyond back pain, PulStar gives your chiropractor the insight they need to identify the underlying issue and treat it accordingly. With several multiple impulse therapy modes that can be paired with PulStar’s interchangeable attachments designed to treat specific types of tissue, the possibilities are practically endless in the hands of a skilled chiropractor.

Not only does PulStar facilitate more precise, well-rounded treatment, but it also does so in a gentler manner. This means more productive sessions, even for those new to chiropractic treatment or with discomfort associated with traditional manual adjustment.

For those with extremity pain and numbness, PulStar and the multiple impulse therapy it delivers can be truly life-changing. If you would like more information about how PulStar can revolutionize your extremity numbness treatment and lead to better outcomes, feel free to reach out to us. Our team of passionate experts will be happy to converse with you about the many benefits of PulStar and how they can help you.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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