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Automating Your Practice Has Never Been Easier or More Practical

Chiropractic Economics has written extensively on practice automation and the importance of technology in chiropractic today. In one of their recent stories from June, 2020, they cited the Accenture 2019 Digital Health Consumer Survey, “More than half of consumers (53%) in 2019 are more likely to use a provider offering remote or telemonitoring devices, compared to 39% in 2016.”

So how do you feel you are doing in that department? Are you attracting new patients by utilizing smart tech tools?

If you don’t feel you stack up, here are some quick, easy tips for adding some technology that will bring your practice into the 21st century.

  1. Set Up Text Reminders– The first step in texting your patients is to download a HIPAA-compliant app or texting software. Give it a quick search on the internet, and you’ll find there are dozens of options, some are even free or low-cost. Then, you’ll need to consider texting best-practices, like having your patients opt-in, or making it easy for them to unsubscribe. You can also find templates for appointment reminders and other useful patient texts through a quick internet search.
  2. Smart Lightbulbs– In another recent Chiropractic Economics story, they discuss the benefits of the “Internet of Things,” or connecting everyday devices to the internet. Imagine having a patient in your exam room—you just finished your adjustment, and now you want to use your computer to explain a process to them. So you say, “Alexa, turn the lights to 50%, or you make the same command through an app on your phone, and the lights dim, without you moving from your chair. It makes a positive impression on a patient, but it also saves money! Most smart lightbulbs use significantly less energy and last much longer than their traditional counterparts.
  3. Automate Your Reports– Did you know that the PulStar automatically generates reports at the end of each patient appointment, which can be can be printed or emailed directly to the patient via a HIPAA compliant interface? Our PulStar doctors say that this is actually one of their most effective marketing tools, as patients often share their reports with friends and family at home.

Want to learn more about the PulStar’s automated reports? Contact us here.

For more technology suggestions, check out our recent post about ways to attract more Millennials to your practice.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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