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Multiple Impulse Therapy: Imagine How a Longer Career Will Pay Off

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As you know, the PulStar is a Multiple Impulse Therapy Tool designed to extend your career, since more than 40 percent of chiropractors will experience workplace injuries in their lifetimes.

But Multiple Impulse Therapy, the treatment which we helped pioneer in the ’80s and has now become a staple in the chiropractic community—does so much more. It allows doctors like yourself to extend the overall length of your practice, which, with chiropractic students spending an average of $150,000 on undergraduate and chiropractic education, is more critical now than ever for chiropractors to pay off debt and enjoy respectable earnings. On the flip-side, it helps your patients to get better faster without the “popping and cracking” of manual treatments, which often make patients fearful of scheduling an appointment.

At the end of the day, Multiple Impulse Therapy is what we do. It’s our bread and butter. It’s our brainchild. It’s our expertise.

So this year, we decided to explore it in-depth. In our 10-part Definitive Guide to Multiple Impulse Therapy, we address the origins of Multiple Impulse Therapy, the areas that can be treated, how it differs from manual therapy and more in an easily-digestible webpage or downloadable eBook format.

No matter how many years you have been practicing, this 15-minute read may get you to think about changing your practice in the face of this ever-changing world.

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About the historic photo above: The Product Survey conducted at the Las Vegas Meeting of the ACA/ICA was most successful. Pictured above (l. to r.) enjoying a break in the survey are Dr. Joseph M. Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Kinetic Technology; Dr. T.T. Allgrezza, D.C., Boise Idaho; E.Rex Moore, Technical Director, Kinetic Technology.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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