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Increasing Your Daily Patient Number with Instrument Adjusting

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How PulStar can help you help more people

Being a doctor of chiropractic is, in many ways, a balancing act. You want to provide premier levels of chiropractic care, give each patient the attention they deserve, and help as many people as possible, all while building a successful practice and taking care of your body. It’s not easy to accomplish all of these goals simultaneously.

In pursuit of excellence in every area of your practice, stretching yourself too thin is a legitimate concern. Patients may feel neglected if you add more workload, your finances may suffer if you don’t have enough patient volume, and you may burn out if you do manage to achieve all your goals, leaving you and your practice without a sustainable business model.

So, how can you increase your daily patient number without sacrificing your attentiveness, quality, and own health?

Based on results from a third-party survey analysis of chiropractors, the answer is simple—incorporate instrument adjusting into your repertoire. With modern chiropractic innovations, particularly those brought to you by PulStar, you can increase your patient load without experiencing the seemingly inevitable pitfalls of doing so. Read on to discover how PulStar can help you help more people.

Accuracy, Efficiency, and Precision

While manual adjusting has been and will continue to be a staple in the chiropractic world, sessions performed strictly in this manner can be long and arduous for both the patient and their doctor of chiropractic. The result is not only a significantly reduced opportunity to see more patients but also exhaustion on the part of the chiropractor.

Embracing instrument adjusting, even in conjunction with manual adjusting to create a hybrid approach, helps reduce the length of each session. Quicker sessions mean more patients in a day, which means you can help more people.

In fact, 64% of PulStar doctors stated that they saw over 30 patients a day. By comparison, other chiropractors responded that they saw 10-20 patients daily (32%), and only 29% of the entire group surveyed saw over 30 patients on average. In other words, PulStar chiropractors see more patients on average than those not using PulStar.

This is achieved through the impressive accuracy, efficiency, and precision facilitated by chiropractic tools. Instrument adjusting allows a chiropractor to deliver precise levels of force to the areas that need it most, then provide real-time feedback regarding the effectiveness of the adjustment. This allows a doctor of chiropractic to make the most of every session in a short amount of time.

Improved Physical Health

In addition to enhancing the adjustment you can offer your patients, PulStar removes the physical burden of manual adjusting and places it on a cutting-edge instrument. Over the course of a day, this means you can offer all of your patients the highest level of care possible. In the grand scheme of your career, it means you can practice longer without sacrificing your health.

A longer, healthier career translates to a more successful practice, and more importantly, the opportunity to help more people. As a bonus, it also facilitates a higher quality of life for you, which is equally as important in the big picture of life.

It’s not just the ability to treat patients when you are feeling physically worn, either. PulStar is superb at preventing injuries in the first place, allowing you to practice pain-free for years to come. This is a major reason why 96% of PulStar Doctors of Chiropractic use their system every day they practice.

Treat More Conditions

Seeing more patients on a daily basis is a tremendous advantage enabled by PulStar’s instrument adjusting suite of products. Of course, with your newfound time to treat more patients, you will need more patients to treat. Chances are, that will not be a problem, especially if you are well-established in your area and within your field.

If you want to enjoy some diversity, expand your skill set, and see patients with a spectrum of needs, your newly opened schedule is the perfect opportunity to do so. PulStar is specifically designed to treat a variety of conditions, allowing you to diversify your patient portfolio and expand your practice. From helping people with joint issues with PulStar’s ability to adjust through a range of motion to offering visualized instrument adjusting that gives patients a glimpse inside their musculoskeletal system, the applications of PulStar are many.

PulStar is an essential addition to any doctor of chiropractic wishing to expand their practice and help more people without sacrificing the quality of care each patient deserves. To learn more about PulStar, the innovative tools it offers, and the ways in which it can transform your practice, reach out to us. Our passionate team of experts is happy to answer your questions and explain in detail how you, your practice, and your patients can benefit from PulStar.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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