Our Free Repairs For Life Program

We’re offering PulStar owners free repair* for the life of your PulStar instrument, in exchange for your online support after the initial 3 year warranty period. By participating you could practice without any worries of repair costs.

This program only has four requirements:

Steps 1 and 2 are the most important. We have a package of web-ready visuals that your team can use to make the PulStar webpage, just ask us for them. And scroll down to the “video testimonial” to see some simple mobile phone videos that meet the testimonial requirement.

  1. Create a video testimonial for us sharing how the PulStar has helped you or your practice grow. Scroll down to see examples from doctors who have joined the program.
  2. Dedicate a page to the PulStar on your website, which is easily accessible from your homepage.
  3. Post or share something positive about the PulStar on your Facebook page monthly.*
  4. Pay shipping to and from us (in our headquarters office near Harrisburg, PA.)

This program is open for the foreseeable future to doctors in the continental U.S. under these favorable introductory offer terms. We reserve the right to add participation requirements for future participants. The free service does not apply to obvious cases of neglect or mishandling of the PulStar. By requirement, “Lifetime” has its limits.

*Get some tips on how to easily participate. See the last question, “How can I easily participate in the Free Repairs for the Life of My PulStar program?” in the FAQs below. Shipping and loaners are not included outside of the 3-year hardware warranty.

Complete the form below to enroll in our free repairs for life program.

Frequently Asked Questions

The PulStar program currently supports Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra up to Mac OS X 10.15.7 Catalina.  Big Sur Mac OS 11 is currently unsupported.

Cleaning the PulStar between patients is very simple. It is recommended that you use at least 70% Isopropyl Alcohol solution to wipe down the grey tips of the PulStar attachments between patients. The aluminum parts of the PulStar may be wiped down as well. The tips are made from FDA approved Food Grade Silicone. If they become hard over time, replacement tips can be purchased from Sense Technology.

The PulStar can be used in the Prone, Seated or Standing positions. You can set the expected value line to any of the three positions for the patient before starting the analysis process.

There are 7 force settings available for the adjust mode (5,10,15,20,25,30,35) and 3 settings for the analysis mode (5,10,15). It is recommended that you choose the lowest force available depending on the patient type and area being adjusted.

The preload is a very light 2 – 4 pounds depending on the force level currently selected. 5 – 10 pounds force is a low preload, 15 – 20 pounds force is a medium preload and 25 – 35 pounds force is a high preload setting meaning it will take more force to initiate an impulse. The preload pressure is changed automatically when the force level is selected.

The PulStar adjustment rate can be set anywhere between 2 and 22 impulses per second. The Point mode uses 4 to 90 impulses per second and the Myofascial mode can use anywhere from 30 to 50 impulses per second.  No other adjusting instruments have this much range. There is also an auto-rate setting for the osseous adjusting that changes the rate dependent upon the change in fixation during the adjustment which is being measured during each impulse.

The PulStar has 2 additional modes that are specifically used for extremities and soft tissue.  The Point mode starts at 4 impulses per second and sweeps up to 90 impulses per second. The Myofascial mode changes rate depending on the preload pressure and the rate can be held anywhere from 30 up to 50 impulses per second.

The PulStar has a preference setting to change from multiple-impulse analysis, up to 5 impulses at each site, to single impulse analysis mode. It is the doctor’s preference as to which option is used.

The PulStar does not have the older impact design of other adjusting instruments.  Instead, the PulStar uses an updated design called True Impulse™. This design mimics the manual adjustment of the Chiropractor but is many times faster. The True Impulse™ design is also much more quiet than older impact designs and allows the PulStar to use much higher frequencies to work with extremities and soft tissue.

Anyone who owns a PulStar knows it rates very high in reliability, but this program offers peace of mind for busy practices.

First of all, contact us on the form above and we’ll talk you through our various resources which make participation in the program a breeze.

Our blog, product photos and other web pages were designed to be shared. For example, to share a Sense Technology blog post to Facebook, simply tap the Facebook icon, add a few words and post. Our Facebook page is another abundant source of information, so in order to meet your “monthly share” obligation, you can simply share one of our posts.

Finally, if you need assistance meeting the PulStar webpage requirement, just ask us—we would be happy to provide content for you.

We’re here to help you and make this service as easy as possible. By participating, you could practice without any worries about repair costs, and keep your PulStar calibrated and in top shape.

Video Testimonial Examples

Here’s how other doctors have filmed a testimonial video about how the PulStar has helped their practice.

Dr. Jacob Kern

“It is a great little tool. Dr. Rauch and I … get a lot of fantastic results.”

Dr. Todd Cinti

“It allows [patients] to be adjusted in a way where there is less pushing and twisting, and it’s more precise and more comfortable. We see a lot of infants, elderly and just general public.”

Dr. Kip Porter

“Recently I had to have service on [the PulStar]. They were just outstanding to work with. I was very well taken care of … highly recommend Christian over at PulStar.”

Dr. Jason Cinti

“The best part about [the PulStar] is patients can see realtime their before and after pictures to help better understand what we are doing to the spine and why they should follow their treatment plans.”

If you think you can make a video of your own, you could also get Free Repairs for the Life of Your PulStar.​