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Big News: Sense Technology’s offices are moving to Halifax, PA!

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This summer, we are making a move toward increased environmental sustainability, expanded operations and greener pastures (literally). Here’s what you need to know about Sense Technology’s new home:

  1. Our new location has nearly 200 solar panels, and it’s actually listed as a power supply station­–meaning Sense Technology will now be powered by 100 percent clean energy.
  2. Making the move from Pittsburgh to rural Halifax gives us more room to conduct research and expand operations—15 acres to be exact! The new location will also include a horse stable, which will allow us to make advances in our equestrian work. Visit our Facebook page for more details.
  3. We move into our new home at the end of May 2018, but don’t worry, business will go on as usual. Just make sure to update our address in your files:

Sense Technology, Inc.
1033 Matamoras Rd.
Halifax, PA 17032

Got questions or concerns about our new move? Contact us now and we can chat about it.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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