One-on-one live training for PulStar doctors

PulStar Doctors are invited to train in Sense Technology’s solar-powered headquarters near Harrisburg!

Learn the latest PulStar protocols, including the newest practice-expanding techniques added by our doctors. Create a training session tailored specifically to your needs. Simply use the form to schedule in-person  training at PulStar headquarters—at no cost to you, except travel expenses.

Sense Technology president, Christian Evans, takes you on a tour of the facility and training area in a 2-minute video below.

Training that is customized to help you

The solar-powered Sense Technology headquarters is located on a beautiful farm, near Harrisburg. Training is free. Doctors just need to get to and from Harrisburg, PA. Overnight stays can be arranged at near-by hotels or possibly at the facility.

You can ask for dates that work for you and get specific training on any areas you would like to explore, including but not limited to:

  • Basic training on, and/or calibration of the PulStar
  • Advanced protocols for tough cases
  • Soft tissue adjusting protocols
  • Using the PulStar on extremities
  • Treating upper cervical tightness

Fill-out the short form here, and let us know best meeting dates for you. 
Or, just call us at 1-800-628-9416 to plan your training.

In case you’d like to see the new facility in its “Before stage” (or should we say during-construction phase) in December 2019, please watch the video here.

*NCMIC offers year-round financing on the PulStar. Their options are fast and easy, with up to 90 days before the first payment and no pre-payment penalties. Section 179 Advanced Depreciation benefits are also available through this program, allowing customers to maximize their tax write-offs. Learn more