Start with these Low to No-Cost Practice Management Tips for Chiropractors

We’ve recently sent a three-part series on practice management and marketing tips. This post puts everything in one place for you.

Basically, if you do nothing else, do these things.

If you want to be as good at practice management as you are at being a doctor, start with these low to no-cost practice management and marketing tips.

Download the PDF summary




And don’t forget to download Dr. Maggio’s Staff Script, which he has found to be an invaluable staff training tool at his practice in Virginia Beach. He shares the script here, and you can either use it as-is or build upon it for your own practice.

Download Dr. Maggio’s Staff Script


Here are the links in case you want to refer back to the three original practice management posts:

Part 1: Four steps to increase your Patient Visit Average (PVA)

Part 2: Four Steps to Increase Patient Referrals

Part 3: Three Internet Marketing Tips

Our PulStar DCs find that the PulStar gives them an advantage in each of these key practice management categories. If you would like to learn more, try a no-obligation screen-share demo.

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