Introducing Neuropatholator in PulStar Software

Neuropatholator and Many Other Updates

PulStar software recently received one of its biggest updates yet, including new Neuropatholator capabilities. The Neuropatholator patient education integration now operates seamlessly with the PulStar, allowing doctors to show patients the details of their adjustment through dynamic illustrations and animations that relate directly to the patient’s specific case, using data collected throughout the adjustment.

Watch this video, created by Sense Technology President Christian Evans, to see how the Neuropatholator feature works during a PulStar adjustment.

The PulStar’s recent software update also includes these new and improved features:

  • Multiple-impulse analysis – Up to 5 impulses averaged during the analysis
  • Added myofascial mode for better soft tissue treatment
  • Improved auto-rate adjusting mode
  • Improved point mode for trigger point treatment
  • Added secure HIPPA compliant email for patient
  • Added email marketing message entry to preferences
  • Added option for google review URL link in email set in preferences
  • Added support for 4k displays
  • Fixed sacral loop with post analysis back to analysis mode instead of adjust as expected when button on head is pressed
  • Added preference for regional stiffness indicator
  • Support for Chinese, French & Japanese language
  • Fixed issue with Cervical Neutral Posts analysis normalize graph
  • Added support for Visual Odyssey Patient education integration
  • Resolved issue with disabling the head after the visit is complete,  also disabled when the program is quit.
Please let us know if you’d like to know more about our software update and/or the Neuropatholator integration. We’ll be happy to answer your questions so you can see if this important update is right for your practice. Just fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

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