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Researchers discover what your patients already know: PulStar is quick, effective and pain-free

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“Clinical Observation of the PulStar Multiple Impulse Device in Treatment of Acute Lumbar Strain,” conducted by researchers at the Jingxi Nanfang Hospital in China, was published in China Medicine in July 2017.

When your patients leave an adjustment feeling better, often the first thing they want to do is tell their friends and family about the PulStar. This Chinese RCT study verifies what they are experiencing, so it’s important that you discuss it with them so that they can use it when they refer friends.

This particular Randomized Controlled Trial concludes: A) The PulStar displayed better results than acupressure, the researchers’ standard method, after just one treatment. B) The PulStar was increasingly more effective than acupressure in relieving pain as the patient visits increased. C) The PulStar treatments were pain-free. The fact that the researchers used the RCT method makes this information even more valuable, as the RCT is considered the “Gold Standard” for clinical studies.

Read the full study
And get referrals by sharing it with your patients!

This Chinese RCT clinical study, which was conducted independently of PulStar and Sense Technology, is one of four recent international clinical studies showing the effectiveness of the PulStar. Use this research bundle to show your patients how you are using evidence-based chiropractic.

Got questions? We would be happy to discuss this clinical study with you or offer you 20% off on your second (and additional) PulStar unit. Click here to contact us now.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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