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Activator Versus PulStar: What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

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Instrument adjusting is sweeping the chiropractic world, and for good reason. The benefits of instrument adjusting tools are many, including preserving your body over the course of your doctor of chiropractic career and offering more precise service to your patients.

It is not unusual for doctors of chiropractic to stay up to date with the latest innovations and technologies in the field. In fact, many practices have embraced instrument adjusting and incorporated it into their services and workflow to varying degrees.

Determining the best instruments to invest in is one of the primary hurdles facing doctors of chiropractic who want to enhance their practice and offer their patients the best of leading-edge chiropractic technology. With multiple brands vying for sales, it can be challenging to sort through the marketing and determine what tools are ideal for your work.

Two of the names many doctors of chiropractic are likely familiar with are Activator and PulStar. What differentiates these two tools, and which is the better investment? That is what we are here to help you determine.

What Do These Instruments Have in Common?

While there is a significant gap in the overall spectrum of services offered by Activator and PulStar, certain overlaps do exist. These shared features make both options fantastic for basic instrument adjusting, although PulStar’s more comprehensive suite makes it a far more versatile choice.

The key shared features are discussed below, but keep in mind that these instruments have other minor things in common. A deep dive into those characteristics is well worth your time if you are seriously considering either option.

One-Handed Control

Some chiropractic adjusting instruments on the market require you to change settings and control the instrument with an external device, such as a mouse or a touchscreen. Both Activator and PulStar feature controls directly on the device, allowing you to manipulate and use the adjusting instrument with ergonomic ease.

Precise Force

One of the primary benefits of instrument adjusting is the ability to apply precise levels of force with pinpoint accuracy. Activator and PulStar excel in this practice, saving you tremendous effort and physical wear on your body, as well as giving the patient a more comfortable adjusting experience.

Let’s Talk About the PulStar Advantage

The features mentioned above are undoubtedly two of the driving factors in your potential adjusting instrument investment. However, PulStar offers a number of advantages that the competition, including Activator, simply does not match.

The disparities can be summarized by a simple distinction—PulStar is a comprehensive visualized instrument adjusting suite complete with visualization technology, adjusting instruments, and marketing materials, while Activator is only an adjusting instrument.


Imagine being able to not only collect valuable data about the internal state of your patient’s spine, musculature, and joints but also being able to share that data with your patient in a visual, easy-to-understand format. With PulStar’s visual display, you can do just that.

Not only does this allow you to address your patient’s specific needs more thoroughly, but it also helps them understand exactly why you are treating particular areas of their spine, even though they may not have pain in those other locations. It is a win-win-win for you, your patient, and your practice.

Marketing Materials

Staying on the leading edge of the latest chiropractic technologies and trends is key to attracting new patients, retaining current patients, and future-proofing your practice. In other words, visualized instrument adjusting benefits your actual approach to treatment while also acting as an effective marketing tool.

Unlike many options on the market, PulStar includes marketing materials as part of its package. This allows you to see a significant return on investment in multiple facets of your business.

Data Collection

A single session does not paint a comprehensive picture of a patient’s health and wellbeing. While you may be analyzing and adjusting joints and tissues, the work is mostly skin deep without a detailed patient history.

PulStar includes a networkable, encrypted cross-platform database which helps streamline the business side of your practice and create an easily accessible patient history database. PulStar also includes graphic and analytical pre- and post-analysis displays. Over time, you will be able to see the health of your patients evolve and improve, giving you the history you need to treat each patient with a long-term, comprehensive plan.

While there is a myriad of other benefits included in the PulStar visualized adjusting suite of tools, this brief introduction makes it clear—PulStar is the best, most complete adjusting tool for doctors of chiropractic.

How visualized instrument adjusting can revolutionize your patients’ experience and your practice

As a doctor of chiropractic, you strive to provide your patients with the pain relief, health benefits, and positive experience of chiropractic adjustment. The more effectively you can do your job, the better it is for your patients, your practice, and you.

Back pain, especially, is extremely prevalent in today’s world due to various factors, including injuries and more sedentary work environments. You are tasked with alleviating the effects of innumerable issues. While you are certainly up to the task, equipping yourself with the proper tools is a great way to enhance your practice and protect your body from years of wear and tear.

Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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