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3 things to consider when treating neck pain

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The neck is the one area of the body where patients are most hesitant to receive an adjustment, because it is well known that cervical spine is delicate. Some patients may have even heard horror stories about what can happen when the cervical spine is mishandled, making them wary of any therapy that could seem “too rough.” Here are three things to consider before treating a patient’s cervical spine that may help the patient to become more comfortable with treatment.

1. What’s the one sound your patient doesn’t want to hear? They don’t want to hear their neck “pop” or “crack.” You probably already have your preferred treatment method for patients with neck pain, but if it includes an audible release, you may want to consider having a gentler backup method for the wary patient.

2. Some of your current and potential patients may be seeing massage therapists for their chronic neck pain. Be sure to advertise and speak to your patients about your neck pain treatment methods (using words like “gentle” and “delicate”) so that they know that they can come to you for an adjustment.

3. PulStar’s multiple impulse therapy technology offers a gentle solution with no “popping or cracking,” and it can scan the patient’s cervical spine before and after treatment to pinpoint the area of misalignment.

Watch the video below to see how Dr. James Maggio uses PulStar’s Essential Elements Lotion with multiple impulse therapy for a gentle approach to neck pain.

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Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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