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Research-validated non-drug pain relief on the rise during the fall of the Rx painkiller

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DCs everywhere are setting themselves up for business by turning to PulStar Multiple Impulse Therapy as a scientific, non-invasive and non-drug method of pain relief. The method isn’t just popular with patients—its credibility makes it an attractive resource for MDs who are looking to refer patients for musculoskeletal issues.

The PulStar’s profile was recently elevated in the medical world after four international research studies concluded its effectiveness as a pain relief method. Dr. Steve Walton, DC at Lahaina Health Center in Maui, HI, summarizes the findings in this video.

Four international clinical studies (done without our knowledge) reveal that:

  • In a Polish study about the effects of multiple impulse therapy on paraspinal muscle tone and pain intensity in 117 patients, researchers found that, as PulStar analysis improved, muscle tension decreased and pain levels decreased by 40%.
  • In a Polish Randomized Control Trial (RCT) comparing the PulStar to Saunders Lumbar Traction, the PulStar decreased pain in only five sessions (compared to 15 for Traction) and the results lasted longer.
  • A Chinese RCT comparing the PulStar to acupressure revealed the PulStar to be more effective—90% recovered completely with the Pulstar, compared to 70% with acupressure.
  • In a Chinese study on 45 cases of Frozen Shoulder, researchers found that 99.4% of patients had recovered completely by the end of the course of treatment.

See the full reports in the PulStar’s full research bundle. PulStar DCs should also get the bundle to show their patients that they are using evidence-based chiropractic.

With studies like these backing it up, the PulStar is uniquely positioned to fill a void in the world of non-invasive, non-drug pain relief. Are you ready to see what the PulStar will do for your practice?

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Christian Evans

Christian Evans

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